Recent cyber attacks 2019 – Server glitch or computer attack?

On 27th April,  Air India’s flights’ schedule was disturbed because of a technical software glitch in its main computer server.
At around 3:30 to 4:30 in the morning server shut down and was unable to work on boarding passes and check-in luggage. This problem led to various flight delays and some even got canceled.
The company that handled communication and information technology services of airport solved the issue at around 9:00 a.m. The cascading effect of the mishap like rescheduling and cancelation was till the evening.
Server glitch or computer attack?
This chaos happened at Indira Gandhi Airport, New Delhi. All domestic and abroad flights were affected by the mishap. Around 20,000 passengers and 155 flights came in the hit of the situation.
It is still a mystery that what is the reason for such technical glitch or it may be an attack. Recent biggest IT company – Microsoft, too was attacked by hackers.
The problem was not only faced by people related to Air India. Due to delays and rescheduling, other flight companies were affected as well. Some international flights were canceled. Some travelers even missed their connecting flight due to delays. Later airport staff managed them by arranging alternate flights or accommodation.
The fuel to the fire was added by Jet Airways shut down. This increased the airfares as Jet Airways passengers were left unattended because of the shutdown. So the increase in demand for seats made it worse.
There is no doubt that passengers had to face a lot of inconveniences because of both – Jet Airways shut down and this software issue.
Although officials gave assurance to prevent a recurrence. But what if it was an attack?
Delhi and Mumbai airports are busiest among India. So this system of issuing boarding passes and check-in luggage is automated. But in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata, it is still manually done.

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