Reasons why Travel Insurance is Necessary

When we plan a trip to London, USA, or any other country – we prefer to pack our bags, take all the necessary items with us and board the flight with all the excitement. But, one thing that most of us often don’t consider necessary is Travel Insurance. Most travellers often think that travel insurance is an unnecessary expense. Well, having travel insurance depends on multiple factors like the total budget for your trip, the country you’re visiting, etc.

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Travellers avoid taking travel insurance because it comes to fore only when things go wrong, and people often don’t consider that something wrong can happen to them. But, it’s better to be safe than sorry in the end. So, here we’re going to discuss why travel insurance is necessary.

  • Flight Cancellation

Let’s assume that you booked a midnight flight from the Heathrow airport, but when you arrive at the airport, you find out that your flight has been cancelled due to bad weather. Now, you’re only left with one option – book airport transfers from Heathrow to London and go back to your home. But, with travel insurance, you can rest assured that you’ll receive your full refund.

  • Loss of Passport/Wallet

You’re just one day away from your London trip, and suddenly you find out that your passport is missing. Now, that can be a very nasty situation for travellers, as travelling without a passport is illegal and you can be deemed as a criminal. Also, if you lost your wallet during the trip, you will not be able to enjoy yourself because you need cash or credit/debit card to pay your bills, buy food, and pay your hotel rent. You cannot do anything in such situations without having travel insurance as it will cover every necessity of your trip.

  • Medical Emergency

Just imagine that during bungee jumping on your trip, you get majorly injured or dislocate a joint. You might require immediate medical treatment or operation, but the cost of hospitalisation is very expensive and paying from your own pocket will take all your budget. But with travel insurance, you don’t have to worry about paying your medical bills as it will reimburse all the cost spent on the treatment.

  • Evacuation due to Natural Calamity

You finally reached London and enjoying your vacations with your partner. The trip is going much better than as planned, but you hear an announcement on news that a typhoon is approaching towards the city, this will definitely get you in a panic state. So, you take a wise decision to leave the city as soon as possible by booking an immediate return flight. But, you have already paid for return flight according to your trip planning. Now, who will be responsible for paying that preponed ticket price that you had to take under emergency? Travel insurance will ensure that you get every refund that you had paid extra due to natural calamity.

  • Baggage Loss

Finally, you arrived at Brighton airport with all the excitement of visiting the glorious beaches and enjoying the amazing nightlife while waiting for your luggage to arrive. Waiting for more than 30 minutes, you go to the inquiry department and find out that your luggage has mistakenly been misplaced with some other traveller. All that excitement of visiting beaches and enjoying nightlife goes out of your mind, as you get worried about your luggage. So, what you can do in such a situation without having travel insurance.

These points clearly prove why having travel insurance is essential when going on a trip abroad. However, if you’re on a budget, there are plenty of money saving tips for your trip to London.