Reaching London from Luton Airport

Luton Airport is recognised as one of the UK’s fastest growing airport that is located 48km away from the North of London. It is the fourth largest airport terminal in terms of annual passengers. For people, who are traveling to London on a budget, Luton is a great alternative to Heathrow and Gatwick airport for them. The flights that lands at Luton airport are mostly budget airlines.

Before being a commercial airport, Luton was a base for Royal Air Force fighter planes during World War II. In 1990, it was renamed from Luton airport to London Luton airport because it was close to England’s capital city.

So, if you’re planning to reach London via Luton airport, let us tell you that it is far away from central London as compared to other UK airports. However, there are many other options available to reach central London. Here we have mentioned some of the best options available:

  • Choosing Train for Your Journey

Well, there is no direct train linked to Luton airport, but the Luton airport parkway station is closest to the airport. You can easily reach there via a shuttle bus that connects these two platforms. The train ticket also includes the fair of the shuttle bus service.

There are two types of trains available to start your journey – Thameslink and the East Midlands. Thameslink operates between Luton airport and central London stations, which includes City Thameslink, Kings Cross St Pancras International, Blackfriars, and Farringdon. East Midlands Trains operate between Luton airport and St Pancras International.

  • Traveling by Bus to London

Another option to go to London from Luton airport is choosing a bus service. There are many local bus services available at London Luton airport that connect it with the surrounding areas and central city.

The bus services operate from outside the Luton airport arrivals hall and departure in every thirty minutes to Victoria Station. Bus tickets are even cheaper than train tickets. Within 10euro you can reach central London from Luton airport. Some of the available bus services are easyBus, greenline, or local bus.

  • Best Option to Travel By Taxi

People often look for a comfortable option when they land from a long hour flight as they want to get tired again while traveling from the airport to the city. Taxis are one of the most comfortable ways to reach London from Luton airport. It is a hassle-free and convenient way to reach London central city and Luton to and from Gatwick airport.

There are many Luton taxi services available in London that provides airport transfer services. You can book a taxi anytime even if it’s midnight when no other public transports are available. Also, the price for Luton taxi services is lower as compared to some other options. One of the greatest benefits of booking a taxi is that it’ll get to pick you up from your location. So, you don’t have to run here and there with your luggage while looking for a transport option.

If you’re planning to travel to London from Luton airport, then prefer hiring a taxi from Jewels Airport Transfers. They offer all kind of taxi services for visitors. You can even book a taxi back to Luton airport from central London.

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