Quick Steps to Remove Print Protection from PDF Document on Windows

“Hello, I am working as a Manager in an IT firm, a few days ago I got some PDF documents which I need to print on an urgent basis. However, I don’t want to invest much on purchasing the Adobe Acrobat Pro application. Also, I had looked everywhere on the Internet but unable to find any reliable application for the same. If anybody knows the best PDF Print Protection Remover tool then please let me know as soon as possible. Thank You”

Do this query seems familiar to you? Do you want to remove printing restrictions from PDF documents? Then, you are on the right page because here I have mentioned the best solution to unlock print protected PDF document. So, without wasting any time continue reading the blog and get your query resolved.

Foolproof Solution to Unlock Print Secured PDF

Unlocking of PDF files can be done using Adobe Acrobat Pro application but it requires the permission password. Without knowing this password a user can’t remove printing restrictions from PDF documents.

What if the Permission Password is not Known?

If the permission password is not known to a user then in such cases they can use PDF Print Protection Remover utility. It is the best tool to remove print security from PDF document. You can try this tool yourself by downloading the free trial version of the software to remove restrictions from PDF document.

This utility is available in two editions – Free version and Purchased version. Demo Version of this tool will add watermark in the resultant PDF document. If you want to use the tool without any limitation then you can buy the licensed version of the software.

Quick Steps to Remove Print Protection from PDF Document on Windows

In order to unlock print protected PDF document using the PDF print protection remover tool users can follow these simple steps.

  • Download and install the software to remove printing restrictions from PDF document
  • Click on the Unlock button & a pop-up windows Unlock PDF file gets appears
  • Hit the Browse button to select the PDF files which is print restricted
  • After selecting the document click on the Open button to continue the process
  • As the file gets loaded the tool will display the restrictions present in the PDF
  • Now, choose the destination location for the resultant PDF document
  • Now, click the Unlock PDF button to begin the process of removing printing restrictions from PDF
  • As the file gets successfully unlocked the confirmation message appears

Steps to Unlock Print Protected PDF on Mac OS X

Macintosh users can also remove print protection from PDF document by using these simple steps. This PDF Print Protection Remover software is also available for Mac users also, so follow these steps carefully:

  • Run the tool on Mac OS X to remove print security from PDF
  • Click on Add Files / Add Folder option to add PDF files
  • Click the Change button to begin the process
  • Initially, the unlock status will be shown as pending
  • Now, to initialize the process click on the Unlock button
  • As the process gets completed the Unlock status will get change
  • A confirmation message gets displayed i.e. “Unlock Process Completed Successfully”
  • After that click on OK button to proceed further
  • Now, click on View Report option to open and view the report created by the tool
  • Two files are opened one is Export Report & another one is Unlocked PDF files


Most of the times users search for the best PDF print protection remover tool. Therefore, in this blog, we have tried to explain the one and the only method to remove print protection from PDF documents. We have carefully tested the software and we conclude that this software is safe for you. This utility allows users to remove copy, edit, print, etc., permissions from PDF documents. Moreover, the tool is available for both Windows as well as for Mac users. One can easily remove printing restrictions from PDF documents without any hassle by using this software.