Police can't unlocked a suspect phone

Is any police force can unlock the any suspect phone forcefully, actually No.
A Northern California judge has ruled that there is no federal authority to force anyone to unlock the phone. It might be fingerprint feature even with the warranr also.
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This rule has been released in a case when a person threaten to a person for his private leaked video and asking for money to deletion of the video.
Police found the Oakland residence to search for a warrant and even if the devices connected to the Internet have unblocked the phone.
To cancel the request of the judge of the California Court of Justice, you will not be asked for a specific person and device.
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The government has not been able to share information with the judge, but it has been the case that I have been able to seize all the people’s phone.
If you can force the police to suspend the police, you will have to pin the code to unlock the phone. U.S Judge has said that you have not been able to make a decision.
However, Westmore said forcing suspects to unlock their devices using biometric authentication “runs afoul of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments” of the US constitution, which protect people against unreasonable searches and self-incrimination, respectively.
The Court also said that over government urgency in the case of forcing suspects to unlock their phone using the biometric or any kind of lock system.
Instead unlocking the phone there are another ways can be used to access the facebook data to contact to facebook organisation directly regarding the case, westmore said.