Plastic Panels |Technical specifications of Plastic Panels

Plastic Panels |Technical specifications of Plastic Panels

Technical specifications

Flexible wall panels are characterized by the highest operational parameters, which determine their popularity among Russians. These plates can retain their appearance and physical indicators for more than ten years, and the initial properties do not change in hot or cold climates, maintaining temperatures of -50 to +50 degrees.

At the same time, experts discourage the use of such materials in conditions where the temperature difference exceeds 20 degrees, so they should not be installed in unheated rooms in regions with hot summer months and cold winters. Some manufacturers produce models whose temperature range are different and vary between -40 and -115 degrees.

Production technology can significantly increase the wear resistance of the material. , its antistatic effect, resistance to direct sunlight, as well as greater resistance to scratches, exposure to ashes or chemical reagents.

Sizes and shapes

One of the main advantages of the material is associated with a wide range of its modifications presented in the modern market. There is a large amount of coating materials, and they differ not only in color and texture, but also in dimensions, shapes and construction parameters.

As already mentioned, depending on the size, there are several options for panels. The lining is made of oblong sheets of rectangular shape, its length varies from 3 to 12 m, and the width is in the range of 0.1 to 0.5 m. The thickness of said panel is 8-12 mm.

The plastic sheets have a length of 1.5 to 5 m. This parameter varies from different PVC Sheet manufacturers; the width reaches 2.03 m, and the thickness up to 3 cm. The sandwich panels are 3 meters long and the width is from 0.9 to 1, 5 m and thickness from 10 to 32 mm.

Sometimes, for the production of interior molds, seamless panels are taken, after the installation of which the coating acquires a uniform and perfectly smooth appearance. Today, manufacturers offer similar products with a length of 2 to 6 m, a thickness of 3 to 12 mm and a width of 0.2 to 0.33 m.


For a long time, the wall panels were made in a single white version. However, the market gradually moved away from accepted standards and bright panels of various colors replaced monotonous materials: beige, cream, light green, blue, pink, purple and even black.

All major manufacturers are trying to offer consumers at least 10-15 color solutions. , so that anyone can choose the option of plates that will be optimal for the implementation of their design concept.

Decoration options

As a general rule, a decorative pattern is applied to the surface of the wall tiles, usually using offset, pad printing or thermal printing methods, as well as lamination, after which the surface is treated with special varnishes.

Depending on the type of coating, the panels for walls can be mirrored, marble, “under the wood”, “under the brick”, which reminds the wallpaper. In addition, they are openwork, embossed, fluorescent. In recent years, panels with a 3D effect, which mimic the relief of natural stone or brick, are very popular. Many manufacturers offer panels with photographic printing.

Overview of popular manufacturers

When buying any product, you must first pay attention to the manufacturer, since the reputation of the company is often higher than other factors that indicate the level of product quality. And the wall panels were no exception. Today, there are more than one hundred Russian manufacturers and foreign countries in the market. Let’s stop at those that consumers have recognized as the best.

Sale – is a manufacturer from Belgium, which supplies its products worldwide. The panels of this brand have a stable demand in several countries. The company constantly creates new plants and factories. Then, in the early 2000s, representation was opened in our country, so that Russian buyers were able to buy products at an affordable price.

In the range of products of the brand, a wide selection of panels of various shapes, colors and textures, and the list of products is constantly expanding. Not long ago, the production of panels with digital printing was adjusted, such products are decorative, aesthetic and can decorate absolutely any interior.

Forte – is an Italian brand that has successfully sold its products since 1969. This company has become one of the largest in the world in terms of production of PVC panels. Today, the products of this brand are sold in 50 countries, while the company’s engineers are constantly introducing and improving production technology, optimizing the quality control system and introducing new versions of decorative panels.

The assortment line includes more than 20 colors and textures, a separate direction is the production of a line of panels with pieces of stone sprayed on the surface; these products look elegant and highlight the impeccable flavor of the owners.

Deceuninck – an international brand that was originally created as an association of a French and British company, but over the years of its work, has significantly expanded its geography. Today, the company has 14 factories in different countries of the world and the products are sold in 91 countries, including Russia.

Shanghai Zhuan. Chinese manufacturers are rapidly taking advantage of the market, this applies to any direction, and the production of wall panels is no exception. It should be noted that the quality of manufactured products is constantly improving, while prices are still affordable for the national user.

Green Line – This is a Russian company, located in the city of Vladimir. The raw materials for panel production are purchased in Europe, so the products are of high quality, reliability and environmental safety. The specialists of this company pay the greatest attention to the reliability of the joints, since they have an impact in counteracting the entry of moisture under the coating.

“Planet Plastic” – Another national brand of Moscow, which has been operating in the market since 2001. All the production work is carried out on imported equipment of European raw materials, which allows us to speak with confidence about the high quality of the materials produced. It should be noted that the production of panels is the main activity of the company, so its experts are constantly working to improve the application technology of decorative coatings, nowadays the plates of this brand are produced in 150 varieties.

“Service Evroplast” – This Company operates in the market of coating materials since 2005, the basis of the technological process is the European quality control system.

“Ural-Plast” – a manufacturer of Magnitogorsk, which, like other national companies, operates with foreign equipment. The company produces a wide range of panels, while in addition to the standard options; the product line contains products with an exclusive design.