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Research is an exercise which is often carried out in different fields of study with an aim of achieving certain desired results. The objectives of carrying out research are not always the same, though the basic principles that define a perfect research are always upheld by most researchers so as to make the findings of their research credible and reliable for use as reference. In the medicine field, doctors always perform extensive research with an aim of creating more effective drugs, or to find vaccines to chronic ailments that affect humanity. In schools, universities and colleges, research is always done as a final test to assess if students can practically apply the knowledge they have acquired to solve real life situations, while professors do it to advance knowledge in their respective fields. Governments do research so as to determine the success that would be experienced in the growth of the economy and welfare of the people if certain policies are implemented. Therefore, it is necessary that any research that is carried out should be a perfect research.

Before carrying out a research, it is always appropriate to find out if there is enough knowledge within the available work on the subject that may as well answer the objective of the study. In the event that the available knowledge falls short in satisfactorily answering the objective, then a need for a research arises. It is therefore a requirement that all research must have a clear objective, since it is through an objective that a research becomes meaningful. It is also necessary to indicate the limitations of the already existing work and knowledge available on the topic of study in giving a solution to the objective. This gives reason to the existence of literature reviews in research proposals. If the research involves collecting of data, then it is appropriate to also indicate the methods by which the data will be collected and the tools that will be used in its analysis. This will improve the credibility and  reliability of the research. If all these steps are taken into consideration when carrying out a research, then it is fair to term a research as being perfect.

There are times when the findings of a research negates the hypothesis developed when conducting a research. This should not be used as an indicator to gauge the perfomance of a research exercise. A hypothesis always give a guide on the course of the research and often aims to highlight the main areas that the research is expected to give light on. When conducting a research, it is the hypothesis that is always tested so as to determine whether the theories developed prior to carrying out the research are proven to be correct or false. The result of a hypothesis testing may lead to rejecting of the hypothesis, or acceptance of the hypothesis, depending on the outcome of the test. An example of such a hypothesis is James Lovelock’s theory on the development of Earth. Lovelock theory that the earth could not develop anymore was rejected by initial researchers that attempted to prove it, but later accepted as more research revealed that it was true. In both researches, his theory was used as the hypothesis and gave the direction under which the research were being carried out.

It is also important to realise that even though these steps are important in the process of carrying out a research, the environment and level of technology available when carrying out a research has a bearing on the accuracy of such a research. It would be unfair to use these circumstances to determine whether a research is perfect or not. In the conclusions and recommendations section of a research report, the challenges faced in carrying out the research and the limitations of the research are always indicated. Therefore, this section actively takes care of the shortcomings of a research and makes it valid to the extent which the limitations don’t tamper with the findings. For example, in 1987, scientists carried out a research to determine if algal gas emissions played a major role when climate is regulated through clouds. In their carrying out of the research, they encountered several complications and challenges that were majorly as a result of pollution, hence they concluded that the hypothesis only held true in the Southern Hemisphere. In such a case, any person, company or institution that would want to use the information from that research will understand the extent to which the research remains relevant and valid. However, if research is not your “thing” there reputable research writing service companies online that you can contact for a perfect research.

It is possible to conduct a perfect research, so long as the basic fundamental steps that regards carrying out a research are adhered to. The conclusions and recommendations should also be clearly drafted so as to give guidance on the validity of the research. In an event that these steps are not taken into consideration, then the research cannot be termed as being perfect. I therefore don’t agree with Griffith’s statement. There is hope of doing perfect research.

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