Parts of Speech: Overview | English Grammar

In English, Grammar words are divided into eight categories of parts of speech. In today’s lesson, we discuss them all.

So, at first, we learn how many types of parts of speech?

There are Eight types of Part of speech

  1. Noun
  2. Pronoun
  3. Verb
  4. Adverb
  5. Adjective
  6. Preposition
  7. Conjunction
  8. Interjection

So first talk about those


A noun is a word used for naming a person, place or thing.

There are five types of noun

  1. Proper noun (Krishna, Joh, Saswata, Subhankar, Kabir, Anup)
  2. Common noun (Boys, girls, tows, countries)
  3. Collective noun (Army, school, group)
  4. Material Noun (Gold, silver, copper, wood, brick)
  5. Abstract Noun (honesty, music, photography)


A pronoun is instead of a noun

There are 9 types of pronoun let me show you-

  1. Personal pronoun (I, we, you, he, she, etc)
  2. Possessive Pronoun (Mine, ours, yours)
  3. Demonstrative pronoun (This, that, those)
  4. Interrogative pronoun (Who, which, what)
  5. Relative Pronoun (Who, which, what) this is the same as Interrogative
  6. Reflexive pronoun (Themselves, yourself, myself)
  7. Indefinite (Any, all, many)
  8. Distributive pronoun (Each, every, either)
  9. Reciprocal pronoun (Each other, one another)


It has qualified a noun or pronoun

Adjective mainly two types

  1. Attributive adjective
  2. Predicative adjective

But in term of nature, there are 8 types of adjective

  1. Proper Adjective (Asian, Indian)
  2. Adjective of quality (good, bad, rich)
  3. Adjective of quantity (all, any, none)
  4. Numerical adjective (one, two, three)
  5. Demonstrative adjective (this, that, these, those)
  6. Distributive adjective (each, every)
  7. Interrogative adjective (which, what)
  8. Possessive adjective (My, our, them)


A verb is a word that states action or position

Verbs are mainly two types-

  1. Principal verb
  2. Auxiliary verb

And again, the principal verb is two types

  1. Transitive verb
  2. Intransitive verb

Also, auxiliary verbs are two types

  1. Primary auxiliary
  2. Modal auxiliary


It modifies a verb or an adjective

For example, He runs fast. Here fast is an adjective

There are three types of adverb-

  1. Relative adverb
  2. Interrogative adverb
  3. Simple adverb


A preposition is used to show its relation with other parts of speech in a sentence.

Prepositions are six types-

  1. Prepositions of time (at, in, by)
  2. preposition of place (about, above, up, down)
  3. Prepositions of possession (by, of, with)
  4. Direction of motion (to, at, round, across)
  5. Preposition of a cause, a reason (of, for, with, from)
  6. Preposition of agent or manner (in, on, for)


A conjunction is used to join words, phrases, clauses, and sentences

There are three types of conjunction

  1. Co-ordinating conjunction
  2. Sub-ordinating conjunction
  3. Correlative conjunction


An interjection is not an actual part of speech; it only expresses the sudden feeling.

For example, Hurrah! Brazil won the football match

So, this the complete discussion on Parts of speech. Hope you like it, feel free to comment down below. Cheers

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