Simple Methods to Open MBOX Files in Outlook 2019

how to open mbox files in outlook 2019

Summary: Know how to open MBOX files in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and view emails and attachments in the Outlook environment. We will be providing some manual methods to help users read MBOX in Outlook. If for any reason, users have trouble using the manual method, a separate MBOX to Outlook converter will also be introduced.

With the launch of Outlook 2019, more and more users have started to switch to it. The reasons can vary from user-to-user, but the fact remains, Outlook 2019 boasts an intuitive GUI with powerful features. Its effective and centralized email management system along with the integration with Exchange and Office 365 makes it a popular choice among users.

one email client to another

This statement even holds true for other email client’s users such as Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail, etc. Now, the most used email format is MBOX which is the database file of more than 20 email clients. Hence, it is no surprise that MBOX to Outlook 2019 migration is the currently trending event. But in order to access the data from the old email clients or/and MBOX files in MS Outlook, users have to find a way to convert MBOX to PST. We have defined some methods regarding the same, however, let us first take a look at some possible reasons behind this topic.

Reasons to Read MBOX Mailbox in Microsoft Outlook

Some possible reasons behind users trying to open MBOX files in Outlook 2019 are:

  1. Users have old orphan MBOX files that he/she wishes to manage in MS Outlook.
  2. The user downloaded the Gmail archive as MBOX file or received it from the webmail service providers, and now wishes to open it in Outlook.
  3. The user is switching from an MBOX-related email client such as Thunderbird, Mac Mail to the MS Outlook platform. Thus generating a need to view the mailbox files in Outlook.

How to Open MBOX Files in Outlook 2019, 2016?

The user can easily import MBOX to Outlook with the help of the following methods. Be sure to go through all the given solutions and then decide which method is most suitable for you.

Manual Method:

  1. Start Thunderbird (yes you require Thunderbird email client for this process).
  2. Use the ImportExportTools add-on and Import the MBOX file in Thunderbird.
  3. Now select the email that you wish to open in Microsoft Outlook 2019.
  4. Right-click on it and save as an EML file at the preferred location.
  5. Do this for all the emails that you wish to read in Outlook.
  6. Once all the required email messages are saved as EML files, start the MS Outlook application.
  7. Use either the drag and drop functionality or import section to move all the EML files into the MS Outlook interface.
  8. Now, you should be able to view all the MBOX data in Outlook.

Note: The manual method is convenient if the user has a limited number of emails. But in case of bulk emails to be migrated, the manual approach bounds to fail. As to why this happens, take a look at the following reasons:

  1. The manual method takes a considerable amount of time because of the drag and drop functionality.
  2. Not all emails will have their email headers completely intact after import.
  3. Most messages have broken images and links due to the use of intermediate EML file for conversion.
  4. In the case of a large amount of data, users are unsure about how many emails are successfully moved.
  5. All in all, there are chances of losing email attributes and messages.

A Safe Way to Read MBOX in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013

If the manual method works all and good then there is no problem. But if it fails or is deemed as unreliable, it could actually be a blessing in disguise. Anyhow, there are plenty of alternatives available in the form of third-party tools. In the present case, we are discussing SysTools MBOX to PST converter.

This tool is actually unique among its counterparts and the reason is its powerful features:

  1. Users can migrate multiple MBOX files without any limitations.
  2. Helps to open MBOX files in Outlook 2019 and all lower versions with attachments.
  3. It keeps the email attributes, headers, image and links intact without failure.
  4. Has the capability to move MBOX file of 21+ email client including Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.
  5. Also supports the MBOX file generated by Gmail and other webmail services.
  6. Allows users to scan and preview all the MBOX emails along with attachments before conversion.
  7. A version is available for both Windows and Mac OS as per requirement.

5 Simple Steps of MBOX to PST Converter are:

Step 1: Run the tool on your system and click on the “Add File” button to add MBOX files.

Step 2: Select single/multiple MBOX files for scanning or use the Auto-detect email client feature to automatically fetch the database.

Step 3: Scan and preview all the emails and attachments of MBOX files in eight preview modes including normal view, attachment view, header view, etc.

Step 4: Choose the required emails, files or folders for selective export. Else go for the conversion of complete MBOX database.

Step 5: Use additional options such as ‘Split file’. Select “PST” and click the “Export” button to start the process

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Outlook 2019 is attracting more and more consumers every day with its powerful and unique features. As a result, many users of MBOX email clients have started to switch to MS Outlook. Thus, generating a need to open MBOX files in Outlook 2019 and lower versions. This article has two methods that can help users to read MBOX in Outlook without any complications. Users can apply the manual method to gain favorable outcome and check out the free version of SysTools MBOX to PST converter tool in case of any trouble.