NLP Training in India – 5 Most Important Reasons why NLP Training Fails in India

If you are searching: the Best NLP Training Institute anywhere in India, you should know 5 Reasons – Why Most of NLP Trainings in India fail?
1. Learning of Meta Model & Milton Model only in English. As you might have read, NLP is based on the Meta Model & Milton Model, which is also called Conversational Hypnosis. It is considered as the backbone of NLP. Many NLP Institutes in India teach Model & Milton in English & if English is not the mother tongue of a person, then it’s totally useless for him. One should at least learn Meta Model & Milton Model in Hindi as well because unlike subject + verb + object of English, most of the Indian languages follow subject + object + verb order. Once you know these language models in Hindi, you can even easily translate in your mother tongue. The understanding of English Language patterns doesn’t help that much. So, at the Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP), we have translated all those hypnotic language patterns into Hindi.
2. The difference of Cultural Context – As you already know that Indian is the Fastest growing economy. Indian Work Culture & overall Psychological Issues vary at the great level from developed countries like U.K. or U.S., that’s why Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming after the research of last 8-10 years, has modified some tools & techniques of NLP, which can address to Indian Socio-cultural issues aptly. NLP can help us with stress, anxiety, addictions, moderate psychological disorders, depression etc. It helps you to take you from where you are to where you want to be. NLP will not talk about ‘What?’, it will train you in ‘How?’, whenever we think about human change, how to bring that in oneself or in others. It will take you to the higher levels of human potential. But unfortunately, NLP Training Institutes in India particularly. Have just become the Certificate distribution centres forgetting the true spirit of NLP.
3. Lack of understanding of Direct Hypnosis
Those who don’t have at least the basic understanding of ‘How Direct Hypnosis Work?’ fail to understand the Conversational Hypnosis. Therefore, it is advised by IBHNLP to get the understanding of Hypnosis before learning NLP. We have embedded the FREE Training in Direct Hypnosis in NLP Practitioner Courses. We don’t charge participants for Basics of Hypnosis.
4. NLP is a skill, NLP is a way of life, very few regulary practice it after the course
NLP is the radical perspective for looking towards the world. Those who learn NLP, just to add more Titles to their CV, fail to understand the true spirit of NLP. The ability to run your brain is a magical tool that can transform lives. So look towards it through curiosity. Don’t let the practice stop. Perfect & well-guided practice makes man perfect, so one should have that school or college attitude while learning NLP. Grab the Certification & add it to your CV.
5. Choosing a wrong NLP Training Institute or Trainer
It is the last & the most important factor, why NLP Training fails. So, I would suggest that any individual who wants to get himself or herself trained in NLP Skills must go through the profile of that Trainer or Institute. The most important thing, look for the Research & their contribution to the field of NLP & Hypnosis apart from just conducting the training session.