Nelly Yoa: A Shining Beacon to South Sudanese Community in Australia

A doting father to three gorgeous little girls, Nelly Jiath Yoa is a promising, young committee member of the South Sudanese Community in Australia. A rising soccer star, Nelly not only creates an example for the Sudanese community but also to young sportspersons around the world. His story provides hope, aspiration and clout to many in Melbourne and around Australia.

Witnessing the brutality and violence in a war torn environment, Yoa took refuge from the civil war in South Sudan and moved to Australia as a teenager along with his family. Since relocating, Yoa has been an influential member of the South Sudanese community in Melbourne and worked hard to secure a better life for his family.

Nelly has also become a prominent figure in Australia. He regularly makes TV appearances on channels including ABC, SBS, Channels 9, 7 and 10 and most recently SkyNews Australia and FOXNEWS in the USA, as a guest. His views, though occasionally considered controversial, always create a great positive chatter among several Australian communities.

A short film called ‘OFFSIDE’ based on Yoa’s true story which charted his recovery from a vicious unprovoked machete attack was created and released in 2018. The film has since inspired many Australians as a story of a young sportsman’s survival and resilience, despite having a 2% survival rate. Several sources suggest that Fox Studio Australia will be working on ‘OFFSIDE II’, due out in 2020.

In June 2019 Nelly court appearance in Australia, went viral and made international headlines for the spectacle it was. Nelly’s idea to highlight the positive experience of attending courts rather than the negative narrative media has portrayed time and again, created a great buzz across the country.

Despite a troubled childhood in a war torn country and near paralytic injuries, Nelly remains focused on his future as a soccer player. Nelly’s vision is to earn a professional soccer contract in the next coming months in the Indian Super League, as he is set to trial with at least 2 teams from hero Indian Super League. Nelly would like to enter Australian politics when he retired from playing professional football.

With all his determination and constant work towards bringing a positive change in the community, Nelly Yoa truly has become a shining star of the South Sudanese population in Australia.