Nasa’s​ Parker Solar Probe Was Launched Today Do You Know Speed of Parker Solar Probe

The preparation of the launch of the Yan Parker Solar probe, NASA’s American Space Agency, which is going on the unique mission of touching the sun has been completed. The team will once again try to launch the Touch the Sun mission on Sunday August 12. This will be the first vehicle made by the person who is closest to the sun. The $ 1.5 billion designed to touch the sun is the size of the car and it will rotate directly to the Corona of the Sun. It will be flagged off today from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. It’s expected to start its countdown sometime.
In the next few years, this vehicle will travel around Sun, about 61 lakh kilometers from the Sun. This distance will be seven times less than all the research vessels sent on the Sun. This will be the first time that a yan will be so close to the sun. With every revolution it will come closer to the sun. The length of this research vehicle is 9 feet and 10 inches. At the same time weighing 612 kg. Special Carbon Composite Heat Shield has been installed for saving the solar probe from sunlight. The thickness of this heat shield is 11.43 cm.
The purpose of NASA’s mission is to study the effects of corona on the surface of the earth. Pictures of Corona will be taken through the spacecraft and the surface will be measured. The speed of Parker Solar probe will be around 430,000 meters per hour. If you walk at this speed, it will take just a minute to get to Washington from Tokyo. The aim of this mission is to find out how energy and heat are successful in maintaining a circle around the sun.

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