The Best Muscle Building Diet Plan For Beginner

muscle building diet plan

Muscle Building Diet Plan

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An intensive workout may not show you the results you desire in your muscle gains. Several surveys suggest that in order to gain muscle mass, a change in diet is required along with your workout routine. According to a popular Men’s Health feature: The Lean Muscle Diet, the key behind gaining muscle mass lies in one’s daily diet. Apart from eating better quality foods, and bidding farewell to your daily snacks, an increase in proteins is essential for gaining muscles. A gruelling workout will stimulate your muscles to grow, but in order for them to grow, you need to provide your body with substances which will compose and constitute your muscles. This is how your diet and workout complement each other to grow muscle mass. Following is a list of things you can eat in order to gain muscle mass:

  1. Whey proteins

Whey is the byproduct liquid residue after curdled milk has been strained. Out of the two constituent proteins in milk, Casein and Whey, whey can be separated as a by product, especially in the cheese making industry. Low in lactose content and high in protein content, whey protein contains all the 9 amino acids and is ideal if you are looking for muscle gain. Whey protein is most commonly consumed in the form of a supplement. The supplement in powder form is made by dehydrating the liquid residue. In today’s market of a diverse range of supplements, you can easily buy one of the best whey proteins in India online.Whey proteins will nourish and replenish your muscles after each workout. 

  1. Eggs

 Eggs, and especially the egg white contains high quality rich proteins. Eggs also contain healthy fats and are rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin D nutrients. Amino acids are one of the key requirements for muscle gain, and eggs contain large amounts of all 9 amino acids. It is most beneficial to eat egg whites after a workout for effective results. Eggs, apart from having numerous health benefits, are also cost beneficial to eat on a regular basis.

  1. Chicken breast

Chicken breast has high quality proteins, and a large amount of Vitamin B. Chicken breast can be prepared in a multiple number of ways and can be consumed for almost any meal of the day. It loads up your body with its very generous quantities of proteins and vitamins to facilitate better muscle gain and overall strength.

  1. Milk

Milk contains a mixture of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats. All of these are required in proportionate quantities for a healthy and strong body which can endure intense workouts. When combined in a daily routine which has weight training, drinking milk on a daily basis has proven to increase muscle mass. 

  1. Whole grains

Whole grains are easier to digest and contains more nutrients than refined grains, and encourages muscle mass gain. Whole grains also increases overall energy productivity and energy levels of the body. Eating whole grain products will  not only make your workouts seem less tiring, but will also boost muscle growth. 

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is high in protein content, and stimulates muscle gain. Yogurt can be a snack or you can have it before bed or after a workout. Greek Yogurt is especially better because it contains almost no carbohydrates and is full of proteins. Without making you uneasily full, this snack product is full of proteins and it is best to consume it once a day. 

  1. Soy beans

Soybeans contain proteins and unsaturated, healthy fats, along with several other vitamins and  minerals. Vitamin K, Iron and Phosphorus are found in large quantities in Soybeans. Iron is especially required for muscle gain. Iron helps transport oxygen to your muscles through the means of blood. More iron content in your blood will lead to healthier muscles. 

  1. Cottage cheese

 While purchasing cottage cheese, one has to be careful that they are not purchasing the products which have very high quantities of fat in it. Most cottage cheese packs have a good quantity of proteins and a generous amount of the amino acid leucine. Leucine is an important amino acid for stimulating muscle building. Cottage cheese also comes with an abundance of calories. According to your calorie needs, you should choose a cheese which will be best suited to your needs. Cottage cheese contains both proteins and calories and is a great food product for muscle gain. 

  1. Peanuts/ Almonds

A healthy diet for muscle gain should always include an adequate number of calories. It is best to intake calories in small amounts throughout the day. Having peanuts/almonds is one of the best ways to ensure your calorie intake is taken care of. It also helps to get rid of your junk cravings by not letting you get too hungry. Peanuts and almonds contain proteins, carbohydrates and large quantities of unsaturated fats. Including peanuts and almonds in your daily life will ensure you are eating enough carbohydrates and nutrients.

  1.  Brown rice 

Brown rice is a healthy carbohydrate. Compared to the other food products on this list, it has a low protein content, but is high in carbohydrates. Rich in carbohydrates, eating brown rice a couple of hours before a workout can fuel your body and energise you for your workout. 

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In order to eat a balanced diet with the required amount of protein and calories, it is best to make a meal plan for the week. Gaining muscles does not happen only by working out, this is where what you eat becomes very important. Complementing your workouts with a carefully planned diet will lead to a healthy body and muscle mass gain.