5 Most Luxurious Sleeper Trains in the World


At present in this world of progress, everything has been upgraded to provide the much – deserved services and comfort to all the people. Today travelling in first class is not the only comfort to expect while on a train journey, for a better and more enjoyable trip you may want to travel in the luxury train amidst cozy amenities.

  1. The Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

The Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

This luxury train provides a journey through the Canadian Rockies in pure luxury, serving delicious meals, a glass-dome seating area and many more services which increase the magic of mountains to a high level. The train company offers four different routes and a plenty of packages for the guests to chose one for themselves, however, whichever route you chose the luxurious experience and mesmerising views are something which remain common in all.

  1. Seven Stars, Japan

Seven Stars, Japan

Be fast in booking yourself a seat in Seven Stars to explore Japan in style, luxury and solitude, as this luxurious train houses up to only 30 people at a time and. If you are lucky enough to experience the rich services, incredible accommodations and a wonderful Japanese décor of this train, be prepared of dreaming about it for a long time. Whether you chose to stay for a single night or chose the four-day journey which givers you a tour of Southern Japan, you will experience an enjoyable itinerary which will not only provide you an incredible tour but will also create a bunch of memorable memories for you!

  1. Golden Eagle, Russia

Golden Eagle, Russia

For experiencing luxury at its best, make sure to travel in Golden Eagle at least once because this luxury train is like no other. Though the journey spans over two weeks and eight time zones, but with its every day stop at a new destination like at the world’s largest lake, Lake Baikal or at various places in Mongolia’s capital city, the guest are not only kept entertained but the possibility of cabin fever also strikes off. Providing a resident pianist, en-suite bathrooms with all the modern service and fine dining options, this gorgeous train is the best way of experiencing Russian elegance.  

  1. Palace on Wheels, India

Palace on Wheels, India

Palace on Wheels is a premium Indian train which covers the interesting and famous destinations of places like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Sawai Madhopur and the most iconic being the Taj Mahal following a signature itinerary in the tour from Rajasthan to Agra. Palace on Wheels is for everyone who wishes to explore the real heritage, beauty and culture of the Indian land. Providing an all-time present butler service, royal décor, multi-cuisine restaurant and many more attractions, a journey on Palace on Wheels is a true red – carpet experience filled with luxury and adventure.

  1. The Ghan, Australia

world's most luxurious train

Being every traveller’s favourite since the year 1929, this luxury sleeper train is one of the best ways to explore Australia. With the addition of the 11 – foot luxury sleeper rooms which come along with panoramic windows on both sides of the suite, tastefully chosen furnishing and full – sized showers, the train is a pure beauty. A general tour is that from Darwin to Adelaide which The Ghan completes in a span of four days and three nights. A remarkable itinerary, comfortable services, rich furnishing, it is hard to not overspend for travelling in The Ghan.

Now that you know so many luxury trains in such fantastic countries, what are you waiting for? Book one for you now!


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