Makar Sankranti Special – 4 things to do on makar sankranti for Happiness and Health

You should to do these thing on Makar Sankranti for happiness and prosperity

Makar Sankranti will be celebrated on January 15 , This festival is celebrated in different regions with different rituals. This day has religious significance, as well as according to science, Makar Sankranti Yuga holds special significance from health point of view.
Water the Sun- On Makar Sankranti, the Sun enters the Capricorn, which is why this day is called Makar Sankranthi. Due to changing the amount of sun, this festival has also been shown to be of great significance in astrology. Water this morning on the morning after bathing and performing the activities. From this, the sun defects in the horoscope are cool. Also, it is also beneficial for health.
Eat sesame seeds- In winter days, sesame and jag should be consumed from time to time. The process of sesame and jaggery is warm, which provides heat to our body. Keeping this special feature of sesame-jaggery, they are consumed on Makar Sankranti. During sankranti, the consumption of sesame seeds can be protected from seasonal diseases.
Donate sesame seeds- It is important to eat sesame seeds and sesame seeds on Sankranthi. Many defects of the horoscope are removed from the donation of sesame seeds. In particular, sesame seeds are donated to remove Kalsarp Yoga, Saturn of Saturn and Dhaya, Rahu-Ketu’s faults.
Sit in the sunlight for some time- Makar Sankranti will begin to reduce the effect of cold. Sun rays on this day are very beneficial for our health. The brightness of the skin increases and the body gets energy. Looking at the miraculous impact of the sun rays, this ancient tradition of blowing kite on this day is coming. Makar Sankranti should sit in the sun for some time.