LOSE WEIGHT WHILE EATING WHAT YOU LOVE: For you to lose weight, you need to eat the right food and exercise your body. It is certain that weight loss doesn’t happen overnight and there are principles you have to abide by to make it successful. Not everyone is able to abide by these rules especially when it comes to food. Most people can’t resist eating what they love and that’s could be a problem. But if you fall into this category, worry not because you can still lose weight while eating what you love. But you still have to follow some rules to lose weight while eating what you love.


  • First of all, to lose weight while eating what you love, you should be mindful of the things you eat. People love eating sweet things and most of these things actually make you gain weight. So if you must eat these foods, you shouldn’t eat much of them. These sugary foods tend to make you feel hungry and as such you tend to eat much within a short while. If you must lose weight while eating what you love, you must cut down on your intake of those sugary foods.
  • In addition to that, you should also have in mind that there are some foods that encourage weight loss. These foods actually help burn down calories from your body and give you that sexy body you deserve. Eat little of your sugary food and eat food such as beans, unripe plantain, egg, berries and so on. These are the best food for weight loss. They will keep you fuller for longer thereby enabling you consume lesser calories.


  • Drinking enough water can also help you lose weight while eating what you love. Water has a way of burning down calories and it is very good for your health in general. Water aids your body in burning down fats, calories and keeps you full for some time. Exercises are important for weight loss but you can’t efficiently exercise your body if you are dehydrated. The right foods are very necessary for weight loss but you need water to aid in the digestion. You can survive for sometime without food but not without water. That’s how important water is for weight loss. Therefore, you can’t afford not taking enough water.
  • Exercises are also very important for weight loss even though most people boycott it. Exercises burns down calories in your body, so if you must lose weight while eating what you love, you need to exercise your body on regular intervals. Also, you don’t just have to start exercising, you also need to know the right exercises for weight loss. Exercises like jogging, walking, swimming, lunges, crunches, squats and so on are very good for losing weight.
  • Finally, you should try getting enough rest so as not to break down. The human body in general needs rest. Also, make sure to keep track on your weight. Check your weight on a regular interval to make sure there is improvement and to make necessary corrections if you are not noticing any sign of improvement.

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