Label Your Life History

Photography is to capture a moment with tears and smiles. Spending time to recall our sweet memories make us feel complete. Most special day in our life and with critical wedding arrangements it’s all taken as a sweet moment in wedding photos. Bridal functions are a celebration in our family, but after that, every one turns to their normal life, but captured moments make you feel like a new bride everyday. Special person surrounded by guest and relatives if not able to capture a good picture it will be worse in quality. But here we find a good quality picture from respecter of your precious moments. In this world, many record makers, champions, history makers are labeled, but we are real queen / king in our story. Our historical life has to be shared to our buddy generation. It will teach them best goodness from our life.
Old May Pass away In Flesh But Not In Mind
Days pass away through work busy, age, skin change,new relationship,breaking, painful heart, health issues, carrying newborn kids, spending time with partner, friends, relatives , even our most dependent persons forgets us. If it all changed the way of thinking, characters, knowledge, experience, etc… But when we take a look back to old buddy days, it becomes a cute moments with treasure. It will make us full of joyful tears in our soul, spirit and body. Even if the special person is not with you, It will make you that your mom, dad standing with full of proud about you, your kids are surrounded like a angles, your husband stand to protect you, like a queen/king, here grandma grandpa to pamper an adult kid with full of lovely teas. These all moments as to be capture by a treasurer with love and carry. Chennai wedding photography is here for you to make your joyful tears into life record.