Know about Assam Organic tea and its health benefits

Know about Assam organic tea and its health benefits2

For tea lovers across the globe, it is like, better to be deprived of food for four days than tea for one day. This is derived from an ancient Chinese proverb. Tea lovers will find it to be true and they also have to say that who can do without a cup of tea. The trend of having tea was originated in China long back in the 3rd century AD and it was used for the medicinal purposes among Chinese. Its health benefits are still unknown to many. 

Assam is one of the most beautiful states in India is known for its alluring hills, river valleys and mountains. It is surrounded by Brahmaputra plains, Northern Himalayas and Deccan plateau on three sides. It is because of this reason it has become one of the richest biodiverse zones in the world. Assam was named so only after when British rule came to India. With this came to India the favorite drink of the nation-tea. This resulted in the plantation of tea gardens throughout the Assam Valley. With this, you will get a quick look at how Assam became famous for tea and will throw some light on its health benefits

Talking about the credit for the Assam tea plant goes to Robert Bruce. Apart from taking pride in Assam organic green tea being the finest in the world comes up with many health benefits.

History of Assam tea:

Till the 19th century, all the tea was harvested from the Chinese tea plant which means that the seeds or plants were transported to India. Luckily in the year, 1823 a failed civil servant and a Scottish adventurer explored Assam and discovered tea plants growing in the hills of the Upper Assam region. Later on, it was classified as a variety of Camellia Sinensis but it had wilder leaves as compared to the Sinensis variety. In the year 1839, the Assam Tea Company was founded and the production of black tea was started in the Assam Valley. Assam green tea also gradually became popular all over India.               

Listed below are the benefits of Assam organic tea:

Fights Cancer:

There is no proven cure for cancer and the antioxidants in the tea kills the cancer virus without damaging the surrounding cells. Many people may doubt that it will not give any benefit, but having a cup of tea will keep you hydrated and fights against cancer. Why wait and think, include Assam organic green tea in your routine and stay healthy. 

Reduce fat:

It is a proven fact that tea helps to remove fat from our body be it green tea or black tea. Assam green tea absorbs fat absorption into the cells and is an effective weight lose aid. Weight gain and reduction of fat is something that is bothering people these days.

Prevents heart attack:

According to a study in Europe, having a cup of tea was indeed beneficial enough to reduce the heart attack risk by 50%. It prevents the risk of high blood pressure and many heart diseases. It helps to keep the blood vessels relaxed, this way you will have a healthy heart and you will live longer. This is one of the primary health benefits of having organic tea.

Strengthens nervous system:

Assam organic green tea makes you active and alert. It will make your morning quite refreshing and will keep you fresh all day long. It stimulates the functioning of the brain without causing any stress to the heart.

Promotes digestion:

Having tea after a heavy lunch is believed to help digestion. Having Assam organic green tea relieves stomach cramps in women. Every time you crave for having tea, give a try to Assam organic green tea and you will find it quite satisfactory. Assam tea is quite popular among European countries.

Strong immune system:

Being loaded with high antioxidants and minerals, Assam tea helps in making your immune system stronger. Thus, it will help your body to fight off coughs and colds.  

Assam tea has a is bright, tart and malty flavor with dark brown color. It is popularly known as a breakfast tea. The content of caffeine in Assam organic tea is almost 80 mg in a cup of tea. The tropical climate here is responsible for the malty and earthy flavor of the tea. You will find a slightly creamy and smooth buttery overtone. It is a storehouse of nutrients that boosts your overall health in several ways. This write-up has enough information on the health benefits of this tea and you will find it useful in the long run.

Process of tea farming:

The territory of Assam has low altitude, ample rainfall, a tropical climate and rich loamy soil. The first flush of tea begins in late March and continues till late May. The second flush of the same usually takes place in June. You will find between two to seven procedures involved in the processing of tea leaves. A minute difference in the processing of tea will result in a different type of tea. Withering of the tea leaves is done which refers to the wilting of forest tea leaves. This process helps to reduce the moisture content in the leaves. You will get great and amazing health benefits from Assam organic green tea.

With this, we come to the end of this interesting blog. You are not late yet to start a healthy lifestyle. Switch to Assam organic tea and feel the change in your health.