Kelvin Chua Tells It All

Currently, I am undergoing a series of treatment. My wife Ace knows nothing about it. I specifically instructed people around me not to say a word about what I am going through. Known to many I used to be my wife’s patient but when we got married, she was the one who told me that it would be better to have a different doctor. Well, that’s a thing of the past now.
When we started dating, I did not know how big of a personality she is. What I only know is that she is a Psychiatrist because I am her patient. She was truly honest, she’d tell me slowly, little by little about who she really is.
For those people who knew my wife well, they know how wonderful she is. It is easy to fall in love with her. She’s beautiful, smart, sharp, she knows her game very well and best of all she’s very humble. Shes’s every wife a husband could ever wish for. She was never demanding. She’d always take the back seat. Give you all the moral support that you need.
One and half year through our wonderful marriage, I decided to open a new venture where I was face with a big dilemma and my wife being the person she is tried helping. I know I should have been thankful and I am but after that incident, nothing is ever the same with the whole community. Don’t get me wrong. My wife remained that person I knew from the start. It was the community that almost drove me to insanity. Our house is the only place I feel safe. When I am with her, I am ok but once I step out of the house, It’s like living in her shadows. I was very depressed; Ace was apologetic but one thing lead to another and then there was Charles…
You know being with Ace is one of the best thing that ever happened to me. It is also the very reason why I decided to have the treatment. I tried pushing her away thinking I was never worthy. When we got married, she sacrificed almost half of everything she is. She’d even gladly gave up everything… It’s just the feeling of fear that gets the best of me.
When she had her surgery last January 2018, I was so scared. The feeling of not being able to give her the best of everything adds up. I fell into depression again. She was lying there so helpless and so fragile. I can only take care of her and even before she was rolled inside the operating room, she was still thinking of me. She is selfless. She’d always put others before herself. It had me thinking what if I am not enough. What if she deserves a better life?
Reading through what Charles is putting my wife through; I truly don’t know if it’s the truth or just a rumor caused by Charles. One thing for sure, It’s not easy to make Ace fall in love. It takes a whole different character and personality. She’s not like normal random women whom you can shower with luxurious gift otherwise Charles wouldn’t have a hard time right.
If the rumors are true, I cannot blame Ace. I pushed her away. I even tried self-medicating. If there is any truth to that, I would want to hear it straight from Ace’s mouth. 5 long years… she never gave her heart to anyone. I would also like to know who the guy is. All I’m saying is I made a mistake, leaving without any explanation so, I’ll understand. It would still entirely depend on Ace.