Karwa Chauth 2018 – Major Festival of Hindus Womens


Karva Chauth is a major festival of Hindus. This is the festival of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan of India. This is celebrated on the fourth part of the Kartik month’s Krishna Paksha. This festival celebrates fortune-tellers (suhagin) women. This fast begins after around 4 o’clock in the morning before sunrise and after the moon observation in the night is complete.

From rural women to modern women all vows of Karva Chauth are kept with great reverence and enthusiasm. According to the scriptures, this fast should be done on the day of Chandrodayavidini Chaturthi of Krishna Pax of Kartik Mass. Bhalchandra Ganesh ji is celebrated on this day to achieve the longevity and long fortune of husband. Even in Karawachoth, like the catastrophic Chaturthi, it is the practice of eating food after fasting throughout the day after giving it to the moon. At present, Karavachoth Vratosv celebrates most women according to the customary practice in their family, but most women await Chandrodaya while remaining firm.

It is the law of fasting karakchuturni (karva-chauhan) to the Chaturthi of Kartik Krishna Paksha. The specialty of this fast is that only fortunate women have the right to fast. Women should be of any age, race, character, sect, everyone has the right to do this fast.

This fast is done for 12 years or 16 years continuously. After the completion of the period, this vow of the vow is done tomorrow (epilogue). Those happy women who want to keep their lifelong life can do this fast throughout their life. Like this fast, a fortunate vow is not any other. Therefore, Suhaagin women should follow this fast to protect and for the long life of their husbands


After Chatha Puja, women gave water to the sun in the group.

On the night of the fourth Kartik Krishna Paksha, that is, the moon in which the moon is visible, on that night of the Chaturthi, take your breath, morning and evening, with the resolve of your happiness, health, good luck.


On that day worship Lord Shiva-Parvati, Swami Kartikeya, Ganesh and Moon. To make worship, make sand or white clay altar and install all the deities mentioned above.

karwa chauth is one of the toughest fast done by the wives for their husbands

Things to keep in mind for working women

This fasting process is right for those women who live at home. Those days, happily passes by the love and affection of the family, who can take shelter in hand and feet by removing them from the housework. But for women who are working and those who have to go to their office for a lot of work, it is very difficult for Karva Chauth to fast.

In this case, here we are going to tell a few things that can be fast and easy for working women, keeping this in mind.

The first and foremost thing to do with the festival is to buy whatever you have to buy at least 2 days before the festival and do not save anything for the last day. Whatever you have to give to your mother-in-law or worship of the material, keep everything in advance.

If done on weekends then it will be even better. Take henna even before about two days. After 2 days, the color of the henna will become even deeper, which will look beautiful on the day of fasting.

Keep your rabbit in the house with dinner so that it can be consumed by warming it only in the morning.This will save you time as well as your energy that will be useful to you throughout the day. Take your husband in the morning and crush the coconut and drink his water. If you take a pen killer after eating syrup, then you can get relief from hunger headache during the day.

Do not eat too much sweets and fried foods such as cloves etc. in the cuisine meal. It starts thirsty very fast and you can not drink water all day, so avoid eating them. Consume fruits as soon as possible, which will be helpful in keeping you hydrated.

And in the end, if you have taken a break from work, then with your friends, make a program to watch a movie with a spouse so that you can spend your time happily.

Wishing you all the best wishes of the festival of Karva Chauth on behalf of  FIKR-aapki suraksha ki

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