Top 6 Common Questions in Job Interview

Before hiring an employee the company wants to ensure that are they hiring the perfect person? That’s why in the interview board they ask so many common, weird and hard questions. Based on job type’s questions are also different.
But there are some questions that are really common and you’ve to face these questions in almost every job interviews. That’s why we thought to give you some idea about these questions so that you can answer them for your next job interview.
If you can answer them properly than might be you will get a chance to get hired for your desire company where you want to work. After getting your final examination result  start applying for jobs.
So let’s start.

How Can Your Skill Improve Our Company?
In this part, you’ve to make them confident about your skill level. They just want to ensure your confidence and skill quality.
Suppose you’re being interviewed for a marketing company, so you can give them some examples that you did in the past and that work for the company.
Maybe you can share your some secret marketing knowledge that might help you.

What is Your Weakness?
That’s definitely a tricky question. You shouldn’t reveal all of your weakness with the answer. I prefer and suggest people highlight their strength and also tell about weakness those are not necessary for that job.
They are being tricky so you also need to be tricky.
Because an answer like, ‘I’ve no weakness’ is really unnatural.

What is Your Expected Salary?
It’s totally up to you. You’ve to ask about your salary according to your job role and your previous job salary.

Why Do You Choose Our Company or Why Do You Want to Work Here?
That’s why I always tell people to study about the company that you are going for an interview. If you can share your deep insight into their company and if they find that you know so many things about the company then they will definitely agree to hire you.
That works mostly for the little companies.

Tell Us Some Reasons to Hire You.
You must have to tell those reasons which are related to your job role. There are hundreds of readymade answers that you can say but you need to pick something unique and relevant.
Because answers like ‘I can help you grow your business’ doesn’t work anymore.

Why Did You Leave Your Previous Company?
Give them honest information about your previous job. Why are you leaving, what was the condition there everything?
But don’t reveal any of your weakness.

Actually, most of the answers could vary in different situations. So you need to study in your company and need to know more and more about them before going on an interview. Ultimately, you have to prove yourself confident and skilled.
But how can you do that?
Your answers, your CV and your educational certificates will tell those.

Dinesh Taylor

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