Is Your Abdominal Pain Resulting from a Gallbladder Attack?

gallbladder attack

When you feel an acute pain in your abdominal area, it is tough to tell what is causing that. It is even hard to figure out what specific part of your abdomen is paining.

If the pain is coming from the upper part of your gut, some people automatically assume that they are having gas problems, While others wonder if they are facing issues in their gall bladder or not.

But what are the other clues that suggest if you are undergoing a gall bladder attack or not? Do not worry if you are having a seizure, because gallbladder attack treatment will take care of you.

But before knowing what are the symptoms for a gallbladder attack, take a look at the list below that depicts who are more prone to a gallbladder attack:

  • Mostly women are the victims of the attack.
  • If the woman is pregnant, chances are higher. 
  • Someone who has diabetes is at the risk of getting the attack.
  • Anyone who is obese has a higher chance of getting a gall bladder attack.
  • Everyone over the age of forty should look out for the kind of abdominal pain they are experiencing. Go to regular health check-ups for gallbladder
  • If someone is losing weight quickly and without explanation.
  • Those who eat highly fatty foods are in the risk of getting a gall bladder attack.
  • The women who take birth-control pills or other hormonal pills should be aware of the kind of stomach pain they are experiencing.

Clues that your abdominal pain is a gallbladder attack

When you are facing an abdominal strain, check out the hints mentioned below. If you are facing any of the clues mentioned below see your general physician right now:

  • If you are facing immense pain in your mid-upper abdomen, you might have a gallbladder attack.
  • The pain is moving towards right shoulder or your back. 
  • If you are experiencing pain that stays more than twenty minutes or an hour.
  • The pain comes back in the same way. 
  • You may also experience symptoms like Nausea, vomiting or other digestive issues.

What happens after you find out you have gallstones?

There are some instances when the gallstones resolve themselves. But most of the time, they are stuck in the gallbladder or the ducts of the bile resulting in severe and recurring pain. The doctor after finding out the reason of your gallbladder attack will admit to Southlake General Surgery or any other top hospital in USA nearest to your house to operate on you. Your gastroenterologists will most probably take out all the stones and keep you in the hospital for one or two days. 

Notice the symptoms of your abdominal pain. Do not neglect any stomach pain. Whether you have acute pain or regular pain in mild amount, see a gastroenterologist immediately. He/she will examine you thoroughly and conclude whether you need surgery or you can be treated with medicines. But, never suppress your abdominal pain by consuming painkillers. They might be very dangerous for you in case you have gallstones.