iphone X Review – Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone X

The revolutionary product by Apple is one of the best things to see in last year as it’s been a while that iPhone X released and still the demand is still the same. iPhone X comes with iOS 11, powered by Bionic Chip Processor and many other features that boost up the performance of iPhone X Australia. Apple phone Australia is the leading product in all over the world that is known for its endurance, feasibility, performance, and speed.

Every product has its own specialty and feature, yet at the same time they are beneficial for some reasons and contain some disadvantages too. We are going to share some advantages and disadvantages of iPhone X.
It goes without saying that Apple’s flagship product is a smartphone of the future and is enriched with excellent features. Here are some reasons why you should buy an iPhone X.

iphone x review

iPhone X Advantages

Face Identification:- This is the first time that Apple adds an ID to its security features. The camera uses the True Depth camera to detect your face and unlock the phone. You only have to hold the phone in the face and slide the screen up to unlock it. You can also use Face ID to authenticate application and purchase payments made in physical stores. This Biometric function also works in extreme lighting conditions. Then, whether it’s dark or too bright on the outside, you can unlock your iPhone X easily. Face identification has an additional point to work better than the fingerprint scanner. If your fingers are moist or sweaty, the fingerprint reader will not work.

Double camera:-  The dual camera on the iPhone X is a wonderful addition to this star product. Sensors are fast and offer true colors. The texture is excellent and the shadows more detailed. It also benefits from the optical stabilization of the image thanks to the telephoto lens, which allows you to obtain excellent images and videos even in a low-light environment. In Addition, the portraits are more natural and the enlarged images retain the same charm as normal images.

Animoji :- The Animoji function uses the TrueDept camera and allows you to change your face for different characters including the Alien, the monkey, the Panda, the Unicorn, and many others. An Animoji mimics all your expressions and you can also record them with your voice and send them through messages. You can send these clips even to an Android user.

Augmented Reality :- AR technology is a bit like virtual reality, where people use headphones to experience a new digital world. The iPhone X is AR-compliant and has been calibrated for AR. This is also useful for superimposing digital graphics in the real world. The A11 Chip has been designed to improve the performance of AP applications. The Chip offers a 25% better performance, thanks to its two high-performance cores and a 70% faster performance. Users will be able to see digital images overlapping in the real world with their iPhone X’s camera.


Home Button:- For a typical iPhone user who is accustomed to using the Start button, the iPhone X could be a bit problematic. You Must sweep down if you want to show the control Center and drag up to return to the home screen. Applications must be closed in a different way and you should also use a different process to turn off the iPhone X.

Price :- One of the biggest drawbacks of the iPhone X is that it is very expensive. At $999, it’s one of the most expensive smartphones this year. When the rate of the iPhone X is broken down according to the operator/carrier, it happens to be a fairly expensive case. Not only this, Compare Apple mobile phone price with all other brand’s smartphone, iPhone is always a bit expensive but rich in features and the durability of iPhone is much better than that of any other smartphone brand.

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