Improve Your Visual Search with Bing new voice search version

Bing is a web search engine operated as well as owned by Microsoft. The service has its origins in Microsoft’s initial search engines: MSN Search, Windows Live Search as well as later Live Search. Bing gives a variety of search services, including video, web, image as well as map search products.

Why are tech users beginning to shift away from text as well as towards voice?

  • There are various factors that explain the rise of voice search.
  • Voice search is speedy. Most people speak much more rapidly than they type.
  • Voice search is hands-free, so users may get information while they are cooking, driving, or otherwise occupied with something else.
  • For people on a mobile phone, asking a question out loud is typically more comfortable than typing on a tiny screen.
  • It is getting simpler as well as more convenient to utilize voice search. As more and more people obtain smartphones, it is natural that most will try out the built-in voice abilities.
  • Voice search is still a fun novelty for several people.

Bing announced great upgrades to their text-to-speech capabilities in voice search

Google remains the leading player in search marketing. However, the industry is changing very rapidly as well as the old certainties might erode. Does voice search offer a platform for Microsoft to compete?

Bing announced great upgrades to their text-to-speech capabilities in voice search, improvements to their intelligent answers as well as visual search capabilities. Bing’s intelligent answers are now smarter by leveraging their very own through learning models. 

Speech recognition, as well as voice recognition, is considerably diverse. The former extracts words as well as comprehend what is said; the latter also appreciate who said it. We could frame this as content as well as context.

Context will be the defining factor in who becomes the dominant player in voice search, with an expanding amount of internet-enabled devices providing the opportunity for a seamless, conversational experience.

Microsoft voice search: the key details

Microsoft’s internet assistant, Cortana, is embedded into Windows-enabled devices as well as Microsoft’s Edge internet browser. That gives access to over half a billion users, once we factor in Microsoft’s Xbox gaming consoles.

Cortana has a multitude of uses. It aids users to navigate the Windows interface as well as may answer to wider queries, powered with Microsoft’s Bing search engine, for example. Of course, mobile is a core focus, as well as therefore Cortana, is accessible via a range of Microsoft mobile software and hardware.

Like other digital assistants, Cortana is always available to answer queries on a Windows device. It now helps users to test its broadening functionalities by pushing notifications like “Ask me to remind you to purchase eggs next time you’re at the supermarket” or “Would you like to recognise which song is playing?”

It can be a bit creepy as well as intrusive, although for the most part users will only really notice Cortana if they need to use it. The list of prompts is quite formulaic, as well as Cortana searches a query on Bing when it can’t understand what the user wants.

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