How transport industry growing With Technology?

Technology is changing the way transport industry is working. Everything is becoming fast and more organized due to penetration of latest technology trends. There has been significant growth in transportation and logistics business over past few years and the reason for it seems to be new age technology solutions.  Transportation sector has changed into a digitally connected world due to fitting of GPS system in transport vehicles. Now you know the exact whereabouts of your parcels and consignments. You can even tell your clients the exact time of delivery. This has brought in a revolution of sorts and augmented the overall scope of transport sector.

There has been rapid rise in transportation value chain. Concepts such as e-booking, payment wallets, last mile connectivity and share mobility have made the transportation network not just user friendly but also more efficient.

Benefit of connected devices

Smart and connected devices via IoT or Internet-of-Things are bringing about a drastic change in driver behavior. Truck drivers are fully aware that their actions are under constant surveillance and supervision. So they do not deviate from the path. For instance, Electronic Log Devices (ELDs) make sure that  the drivers do not exceed the 50 hours drive time per week. This should be followed by a two-day period of rest. This is done to ensure that there are minimum chances of road accidents. Blockchain technology is also playing a vital role as it offers precision of performance history records. This means that whenever a truck comes for sale, there is total transparency between the sellers and the buyers. Basically, technology is changing the whole scenario of work. Chances of human error have fallen down in a big way.

Enhanced safety of vehicle

Modern day transport vehicles are fitted with advanced security systems.  Sensors are embedded which facilitate better visibility. Real time information about traffic status is provided to the drivers so that they can change to routes where the road congestion is less or which are less accident prone. The transport company owners are always aware of real time position of the vehicles. Intelligent video infrastructure as well as analytics enable the operators to recognize accidents and facilitate immediate action so that minimum loss to the driver and the consignment is causes.

Better customer experience

Digital technology is paving way to superior customer experience. They can get the booking from ease of their home. There is growing trend of progressive customer engagement. The distance between customers and operators has somehow fallen down. The concept of smart ticketing has changed the way things work. Customers can now easily generate mobile tickets . They can pay for the same via the mobile wallets. This leads to hassle free and frictionless travel experience. So now customers face minimum problems when it comes to transportation sector.

So, this is the way how technology is providing growth and boost up to the transporters in mumbai near me sector. Things are changing for better for the entire industry.

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