Blogging 101: How to Write a Blog that Sells Your Products?

Blogging seems to be the handiest tool to market your products these days. While social media and television ads are effective in introducing your products to people, it is the blogs which have a higher percentage of converting readers into buyers. If you know how to write a blog, you can easily make your business successful. There are effective ways of writing excellent posts, so that not only readers start coming to your website, but also feel that it’s worth it to spend on your product. Through this post, we give you some crucial tips which will help you write a blog that can sell your products.


Know the Buyers of Your Product

Before even wondering how to start blogging, there is a need to identify potential buyers of your product. As the owner of your business, you must know who your customers are. In the terminology of marketing, it is called a Buyer Persona. You must be able to identify your customers from where they belong to, how old they are, what kind of content is in their interest, and a whole lot of things that are important for you to identify what they think.

Creating a post that is tailor-made for most of your customer-base is extremely crucial in the first place. By keeping them in mind you can decide how to blog for them. Vital choices like post title, layouts, tones, and topics are often selected based keeping these buyers in mind.

Brainstorming Keywords and Sorting Them

Once you have your buyer persona, you will find that they are mostly of similar types. You must sort your potential customers into categories and look to target the ones who are more likely to end up as your customers. Keeping them in mind, you can create blog posts that attract them. This is where searching keywords come in.

Without having to go in details, all you need to know about keywords is that they are the words which you expect your blog visitors to be searching on the search engines. The presence of these words and how well you use them in your content have a lot do with the success of your blog. There are other deciding factors for your blog popularity but let us only cover the writing part in this post.

We suggest that you check the keywords-everywhere plugin for Chrome browsers to help you research the relevant keywords. Once you install the plug-in, all you need to do is to start searching relevant keywords to your business and check stats like search volumes and competition on those keywords.

Let’s go by an example to make it easier for you to understand. Suppose that your product is a music player app like that of Spotify. You will require to search for terms like ‘best music apps’ on Google with the suggested keywords-everywhere plugin. We chose that search with an intuitive idea as to what the potential user of that app would look for. Once you search for the terms, the plugin will show you basic stats like search volumes of the keyword, and suggestions telling you which better ones could be to use. Based on the top search volumes and less competition on the keywords, you can select 3-4 keywords for each post. There is no end to how many keywords you can use in your blog posts, but as a beginner, it is a better idea to target the ones which others aren’t doing. The competition column shows if other websites are also targeting their word, we suggest you go for the ones near or lesser to 0.50 count.

Writing an Impressive Blog Post

You can choose trendy topics to get started with writing. Based on the example before, you can select topics like– Best Alternative to Spotify that Isn’t Expensive and work around them to attract readers. It is essential to write in a manner that you sound professional and compel your readers to hit the product link to buy it.

It would be best if you started with an introducing paragraph which doesn’t look promoting and yet make the reader want to read further. As they go on reading ahead, they should get what they want. It is crucial to understand that customers will buy your product only when they feel that what they are buying is of more value than the money they are spending on it. All you have to do is to keep this in mind while you are writing, and you will able to get them to buy your product, subscribe to your newsletter, or pretty much make them do what you made the blog for.

Themes and Other Attributes

You can choose different sorts of writing technique; including list style articles, or a review report to keep your readers interested. The key to writing well is to keep the buyer persona in your mind and else will follow. You should also note that as a beginner it is better to not experiment way too much with the themes and styles of your blogs. Try to select themes that look official, serious and do not have too many colors messing up with your writing font.    

Select the photos for your content judiciously as the signs of non-seriousness to the images can repel the readers. If they are looking to spend their money on a product, they would want to trust a no-frills suggestion for it.       

Remember to Edit

The final step before posting anything is to edit your content. Make your content look professional and give it a few good reads before publishing. They can always be altered later, but it is better to go live with no mistakes that one can point to.

So this is pretty much it. Once you complete the steps as mentioned above, you will have created a blog post that will surely make your readers buy your products. As there are many other ways to optimize your blog other than writing, you can use them to good effect too. Check out our other posts for more useful tips about blogging.

Ayush Chawla

Ayush Chawla is a software engineer and a digital marketer.

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