How to start packers and movers business in 1 month?

Starting any new business is a task in today’s economic conditions. People are aware of the facts and still much interested to take risk to start a business to attain financial security. Packers and movers is one of many businesses which are at peak. The frequent relocation locally and nationally has erupted reasons and ideas in people’s mind to start a shifting business.

The other favorable reason to start a moving company is that it can be start with a small set-up. Unlike many other businesses, it requires a few things and a limited amount to start the business. It can be start from home as well. For example, if you look around, you will get to see nearly 60% of the shifting companies are running with a small set-up and doing great.

Another benefit of service oriented businesses like packers movers business is that finances are never big issues, especially in the beginning. Apart from the basic business set-up cost, you need not invest plenty of money.

There are some basic initial business set-up costs which are essential in the beginning of the packer movers business. Let us focus on it.

Business place

The office place is required if not in any commercial place, but a small place in moving areas where people can easily notice and find the office location whenever needed. If you have a big house then a part of it can be used as office. Renting a place will add to your cost. Try figuring out your budget and plan accordingly.

Basic business set-up

A few basic things are required to start the business like desk, chairs, office stationeries, quotation book, voucher, visiting cards, etc. You need to estimate the average cost and add it to the list to arrive at a final figure. It is wise to collect these things from the wholesalers to minimize the total cost.

Registration costs

It is essential to register the business legally as people would like to hire the business services which are trustworthy. The need to obtain a shop and establishment license, PAN card, etc. is unavoidable.

Packing materials

A small part of the estimated figure is to be spent after stocking packing materials. Purchasing these packing materials from wholesalers will be cheaper. There are many other tools that are required for quality packing. Before purchasing it, just check on some branded tools and compare the costs. The tools and sufficient packing materials help the professionals to serve the customers satisfactorily.


Hiring transport for every relocation service is a tough job. Often it happens that the transport is unavailable timely. Purchasing a vehicle for company is costly advice, but still it is wise thought and investment. People like to check before hiring how comfortable it will be to deal with a particular company. They would seek for the complete services putting fewer efforts.

Other expenses

To provide moving services is not a job of a single person. It requires a team effort. Apart from the above listed recurring expenses, you need to recruit some staffs, advertise your business, and try owning a website as well.

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