How to Save Money – Nigeria Complete Tour Guide

Nigeria is one of the most visited countries in West Africa. The most populated country is surely a tourist paradise owning bewitching beaches, rich and exotic culture, lush green mountains and stunning wildlife. The vibrant population speaks more than 100 languages all across the country including English.  Though Nigeria is an under developing country but it has so much to surprise you, from its green-fringed villages that line rivers and streams to amazing swimming experience in gushing waterfalls in the mountains. Every year thousands of tourists visit this enchanting destination. If you’re preparing to visit Nigeria but don’t want to make a hole in your wallets, follow our lead to stay in budget during your Nigeria tour.

How to Save Money - Nigeria Complete Tour Guide

Nigeria is ridiculously expensive place to travel but it doesn’t mean you stop yourself from exploring this fantastic land. Just make wise decisions, be flexible and little care and you can explore Nigeria for a reasonable price. Don’t be too picky, if you’re than you need to pay the big price. Choose cheaper accommodation rather than fancy hotels, book connecting flights instead of direct and visit attraction that cost less or free. I recommend to opt affordable place to stay but don’t compromise on safety because in Nigeria some cheaper accommodations are not reliable in terms of safety as well as electricity and running water. For a day in Nigeria one could probably budget for £43 approximately if you’re not too picky. Otherwise for safety sake plan a one day budget of about £50.

Flights: If you want to save don’t just stick to the accommodation or eating instead plan it from the very first step. Booking your flight at the right time is the easiest way to get cheap flights. Depending on what time of the year you choose for your traveling, you can save a lot or lose a lot. How? During the peak season (November to May in Nigeria) flights are usually most expensive. Drag your plan to somewhere between on and off season to enjoy and save at the same time. Many airline reduce their flight rates on Wednesday and Thursday, avail this opportunity to get a cheap flight to Nigeria.  Another option is to avail your air mile (if you have any) or lend to family or friends who have enough.

Accommodation: There are several online platforms from where you can choose package vacation that comprises accommodation along with other things. Also search for budget hotels and hostels. Put some extra hours aside to search for accommodation because with little you can easily find cheap place to stay that covers all basic needs. Before booking a place it is better to read online reviews and check what services they proffer. Don’t forget to check whether the hotel has any special offer that you can utilize to cut your cost. As I mention above that there’s no harm in spending some extra money on accommodation in Nigeria for your safety. Separate approximately £23 for accommodation per day from your budget.

Attractions: When it comes to enjoying free attractions, Nigeria hit the top spot. The first fun place you can catch free of cost if you visit on Thursday is New Afrika Shrine. It is an entertainment sanctuary that transformed by famous kids of Fela to be an attraction centre. Enjoy the afrobeat music with drinks that will cost you less than N2000. Riding a horse at Oniru Private Beach is a thing that you don’t want to miss and the best part is you can enjoy it in a small amount of money between N500 to N1000. It is an ideal spot for perfect day out with very little spending. Tourists can enjoy horse riding, free Atlantic Ocean swimming and spaces for a romantic getaway. Nigeria trip is incomplete unless you visit the National Museum in Onikan. The museum depicts the true history and culture of Nigeria. Take selfies and post it on social media accounts to make everyone envious. Buy cheap antiques at Jazzhole, a perfect place for music, books and African artwork lovers. You can buy some good books or any African antiques by paying less than N2000. If you’re a beach lover, Lekki Leisure Lake in Lagos is amazing destination overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The sparkling lake has many recreational activities including quad biking, jet skiing and pedal boat riding.

Entrance fee for children is N500 and for adults N1000j, which is nothing in exchange of delightful water activities. If you didn’t see amazing wildlife in Nigeria your trip is unfinished. Lekki Conservation Center is best place to catch a close glimpse of swamp and savannah. It has lots of picnic places, open grasslands for animals such as mongooses, bushbucks, hogs etc and a kid’s playground. The coconut tress boulevard is such a romantic place to stroll that couples wish that the path would never end. Entrance fee here for children is N100 and for adults is N500.

Food: Nigerian food has so many delicious dishes to taste. But instead of eating at fancy restaurants we recommend you to eat street meals. They are tasty and very cheap. Nigerian fast food spots are another good option where you can get good food at pocket friendly prices. Restaurants at major tourist destinations are expensive so avoid eating there; instead explore eateries with less tourist and good food as they provide you mouthwatering taste at very less. If you stick to the budget plan just £ 12 is enough for whole day meals.

This is a beautiful country and visiting this country Nigeria help you to explore whole new tradition, culture, history, people, languages, stunning wildlife and so much more which is totally different from western culture. If you’re avoiding just because of tight budget no need to do this anymore. All you have to do is plan wisely, lot of research to cut cost anywhere possible and ofcourse need to be very flexible. Make a budget plan and stick to it and you’ll be amazed how much you can enjoy and explore even in a little budget.

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