4 Things You Should Never Do With Your Hoverboard

how to ride a hoverboard

Hoverboard is a two-wheeler Segway without any handles, and you need to use foot balancing to drive it as it is a scooter that understands the art of balancing. 

Being able to balance well is a skill that comes in really handy; with the time you only get better to the extent that you may be able to perform breath-taking tricks.

What’s trickier is that it’s unlike other balancing vehicles like Bicycle or two-wheelers, you aren’t trained to gain mastery over a hoverboard based on past experience; you are gonna have to get used to it with patience & persistence.

A hoverboard is not suggested for kids, the proposed age by the manufacture companies is 8 years and above. But it also depends on your grasping power so as far as you can find a hoverboard in which your feet can be placed comfortably, you are good to go. 

Hoverboards for kids is recommended only after the age of 8. That too with caution and under parental supervision.

It is always suggested to take safety measures beforehand, check your hoverboard such as its tires are not loose and detached properly with the board and you are going to practice it over high speed wear a helmet and other safety accessories. Safety accessories for knees, elbows are available in the market apart from the helmet. 

Also, choose a pair of shoes having a good grip in case you need to take a sudden halt or divert your direction.

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Few things to not to do with hoverboard:

1. Do not use them on the risky paths:

There are few areas in the world where the use of hoverboard is prohibited based on past incidents linked to the safety hazards with the use of hoverboards. 

Hoverboards are quite popular among teenagers as well as adults per se, but you should always take precautions beforehand for your own safety. The hoverboards are best for the smooth flat surface though you can ride them on a little hazy path as well but not until you achieve a certain level of perfection. 

If you have not achieved the smooth rider tag over the flat surfaces there are cent percent chances that you will fall while practicing it on an uneven path.

2. Don’t take risks by playing tricks if you aren’t trained

No insurance covers any injury be it minor or major which has been caused by riding a hoverboard so it is always suggested to be careful and consider precautions before performing risky tricks. 

Otherwise, consider your own liability if there is an accident caused by the hoverboard. Everyone wants to show off their skills of riding a hoverboard but the same can result in tension for life if you are not careful while riding it. 

If you are planning to ride during the dark hours it is suggested to wear clothing which can be visible during the low lights. Keep it as a fun ride with proper safety measures and precautions by wearing safety accessories and a helmet. The helmet is the most important element of riding a hoverboard as the skull is the most crucial organ and any damage to it can be very harmful

3. Do not compromise with the quality as good models are not cheaper to be precise:

They can be considered as a ride for rich as the good models with proper safety measures are not available at average prices. Usually, the range is 500 to 1200 dollars. 

They are not economical and quite an investment. There are many deals provided for online purchases of knock-off models but it is suggested not to get caught in the trap and do not buy one before a proper examination. 

As many brands do not cover the safety aspects of the ride just to make a profit by manufacturing and selling them at a comparatively cheap price. So it is important to ignore those great deals as it is not just about the poor quality of the board but the lithium batteries which can catch fire on a little higher speed. 

It is not suggested to miss important things just to save a few bucks such as lights so that if you are riding in the dark you can be easily spotted on the roads by the other riders who are riding the heavy vehicles.

4. Do not overuse your ride:

Even if you buy a good internally as well as external quality hoverboard you should always keep a check on it. That no screws are loosened up and the tires are in good condition and detached properly with the board. 

There is no certain limit to use a board but it depends on usage. So when you think that it is losing its grip and the batteries are getting drained quickly is suggested to get you board check and do not overuse when the batteries are creating trouble as it consists of lithium which can catch fire if overused. 

Even in daily use if your battery gives 6 hours of ride do not plan a destination which takes more than five hours.

So there you have it, 4 things you should avoid doing with your hoverboard.