How to Replace the Cracked Screen of iPhone 6S

The phones that come today are mostly bezel-less have large screens. With the arrival of large screens around the size of 6 inches, the risk of breaking them has increased. Although they come with some level of protection, no display is completely secured.

Once your phone falls on the floor or ground, there is no guarantee that your display will be safe when you pick the same. If the screen of your iPhone gets cracked, you need to get it repaired from a repair facility or an authorized Apple care center.

However, it is also possible to replace an iPhone screen at home with the help of some tools. This post shares the steps to replace the display of your iPhone 6S.

Remove the screws

The first step to replace the display of your phone is to turn it off and remove the screws. Removing the screws helps you to separate the back cover and access the internal components of the phone. There are two pentalobe screws on the bottom edge adjacent to the charging jack.

Make sure you keep the screws on a table and write the names of the assembly and opening sequence on a paper. It will help you to reinstall the components and put the screws back in their place in reverse order.

Use of Suction cup

Place a suction cup on the lower left corner of the screen but not on the home button. Pull up the suction cup gently to separate the front and back panel of the phone body. Don’t pull too hard, if the display does not come out quickly. Instead, heat the front of the device with a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the adhesive holding the display.

Use a spudger

There is a notch under the display near the earphone jack. Place your spudger tool into this gap to separate the front panel from the body of the phone. Slide the spudger to the sides of the phone to separate the display from the body.

Pull the display using the suction cup and then pull up the nub given on the cup to separate it from the front panel.

Remove the battery connector

The next step is to remove the battery connector for which you need to remove a couple of screws. You need to remove two screws that secure the connector bracket. Use a spudger or prying tool to pull out the battery connector from the logic board.

Removing Front panel assembly

Four screws secure the display cable bracket. Open them using a Phillips screwdriver and then remove the display cable bracket. Disconnect the front camera cable by prying it up from the socket. Similarly, disconnect the digitizer cable from its socket on the logic board.

Then disconnect the display cable from the socket using a prying tool. After removing these three components, you can remove the display assembly from the phone.

Remove the home button

Three screws secure the home button bracket. Remove them using a Phillips screwdriver and lift the lower edge of the bracket so that it can clear the peg on the right side. Slide it out under the EMI shield to remove it altogether.

Use the tip of your finger to gently press the home button on the front side of the screen. Use a firm pressure to separate the rubber gasket of the home button. Use a spudger tool to pull out the home button flex cable from the display panel.

Then remove the entire home button assembly and you are left with the cracked display that you need to replace.

Installing the new display

To install the new display, you must keep it ready while removing the damaged screen. Place the new display on the display panel and reinstall the home button assembly following the same steps in the reverse order that you used to remove it.

Make sure you press the edges of the new display carefully to avoid any damage and stick it to the adhesive on the panel. If the glue is too dry, you should reapply the new adhesive to ensure that the display attaches accurately to the panel.

Reinstall all the components

After installing the new display and home button assembly, you need to reinstall the front panel and battery connector back in their place. Follow the opening sequence in reverse order while reinstalling the components. Check the sequence and pattern of screws you wrote while disassembling the parts. Turn on your phone after reassembling all the pieces to check if it is working correctly.

Final Words

These are the steps to follow to replace the display of iPhone 6S. If you find the process difficult, you can get it done by a professional repair facility like phone repairs Palmerston near you. Following the steps in this post can help any iPhone owners to replace the display of their phone.

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