How to Prolong Your Headphones Life

Tired of being changing your favorite headphones when damaged, its easy have your headphones live long and for that you have to follow these steps. In this review, the headphones life can be prolonged with few easy steps and tools and these are the issue that everyone faces with their favorite earbuds or headphones. The damaged ratio of earbuds or headphones is too high but it can be reduced to the minimum level while paying close attention how to wrap, fold and make them ready for the next use. Following these steps will take less time of your precious time and will remind you how these steps were important that you were neglecting them for long time. Maybe you won’t have to change your favorite headphones while following these steps unless you change your favorite choice to other earbuds.

How to prolong your headphones life

Wrapping up wire

First step is keeping the wire of headphone from making the bird nest or making to cluster will help you from internal cable damaged. It will be nice job to wrap the wire in organized manner with also prevent you from pulling the wire from a bird nest. This will extend your life head phone for long time.

Various types of protection procedure came when talking about earbud wire besides from wrapping up the wire gently and some of them will discussed to prevent internal damaging.

Pull the Plug not the wire after stop listening to the headphone. The plug is a hard-metallic piece connected to wire over a plastic cover is hard stretched the wire but if you pull the wire, the probability of damaging internal wire will be high and same goes for the plugging in.

Protect the Media control section while wrapping up the headphones and never wrap the wire over the Media control section. Just gently wrap the control section along the wire as it’s the weak point of headphones and can easily damage then what’s the point of having headphones with no control section.

Keep a space near earpiece will help you to prolong your headphones life from damaging the internal wire system in the earpiece. Always keep a small unwrapped wire alongside the earpiece and enjoy the long life of headphones.

Keep earpiece Clean

Keeping the earpiece clean from earwax or dust will extend the headphone life for a long time. The sound quality will always be same as new while constantly cleaning up the headphone earpieces.

Cleaning earpiece also have some steps and tech which should have been followed by everyone to keep their headphones from harms ways and some of them will be discussed here to give you an idea to their importance.

Don’t use needles while cleaning up your headphones earpiece but instead used recommended tech for cleaning purpose like HygenX. These small gadgets also give you hygienic touch to your earpiece along having your purpose fulfilled.

Keep safe earpiece from water contact which can be damaged easily your headphones or earbud sound driver. Never used headphones after a direct bath unless your ear’s been dry otherwise you will lose your favorite one’s.

Keep replacing ear tips for batter fitting and giving a new look to your earpiece. Having new eartips will help you for best fit in and also keep them safe from fell damaged. New eartips will keep them clean and save your earbuds driver.

Used Standard Equalizer sound application

If your headphones are safe and clean but their sound quality are not the same as you bought them, then it’s no use for you. Used standard sound equalizer application to keep your headphones driver work properly with same sound quality as always.

Using standard bass, treble and stereo sound maximization can keep them from damaging sound driver. Never used too high bass or treble while listening to the music,

Using standard sound application can prolong your headphones life with perfect sound quality. Beside from application there are also some other approaches for maintaining sound quality which should be known by everyone.

Turndown sound while plugging in the headphones will keep the sound quality for long time. Instantly sound notification on your device while plugging in can damaged internal core of earpiece from drop up.

Listen at low volume will always keep the sound quality up to mark for your headphones. Don’t get carried away while listening at highest peak volume of your headphones will keep both your sound driver and eardrums safe.

Always used on supported device should be your concern while having new headphones. Buy those one which should match your device power and also sound supporting range. If your device doesn’t support that sound or power quality, never used those headphones.

Overall these steps are easy to follow but we never give an attention towards consistency and leads to headphones damage. These are easy to follow steps, make them your habit and enjoy your favorite headphones for longtime, period.

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