How to pick the distinctive kind of flowers as a blessing on various events?

The most beautiful and elegant creation of god is flowers. Flowers are equally important for insects, animals, birds, as well as humans. For insects, birds, and animals flowers work as the food for them. Human beings use flowers for aroma, fragrances, decorations, and also for gifting. Flowers used to express the feeling and emotions to someone else. The best way for something special is flowers. If you have no idea about the different meaning of different flowers, so read this article. It really helps you to know the unique personality of every flower.



Orchids:  The pretty structure and dramatic structure of orchids make it unique. This flower comes in different sizes and colors and definitely shows your true love and care very clearly. The 3-inch orchid fits well on numerous tabletops and work areas and passes on a meaningful message. It’s optimal for any event where you need to create an impression without being excessively indulgent.

Watercolor Orchid:  On the time of New Year, Birthday, Anniversary, Easter, and Christmas, are the momentous occasion. Watercolor orchid or waterfall orchid perfect for that time because it shows the purity of love and sign of peace.  

Mini Yellow Orchid: Ideal for the congratulations for the degree, new job, home welcome, and also for “get well” wishes.

Bright Purple Orchid: This orchid is very and suitable for a special favorable time such as romantic date, birthday, and mother’s day.


Gerberas: Yellow and orange gerberas are the sign of sunshine, energy, warm, and enthusiasm in your daily routine life. There is no doubt if we called this the rainbow flower because this available in many shades like purple, pink, yellow, orange, red, and white. If you want to say sorry to your loved because he or she feels upset because of you so send Gerberas that shows cheerfulness.


Lilies: Lilies are commonly a symbol of innocence, purity, and faith. Big yellow tiger lilies are symbolized for wealth and majesty, white and daylily is the sign of coquetry. Only white lily has sweet fragrance other lilies are odorless. When you want to make your special day more joy full and cheerful with pleasant and full of fragrant so, Lilly is the best option. Lilies look majestic on the party of birthday and anniversary.

Carnations: Carnations also known as the flower of god. This flower is very popular because it comes in many colors and easily available at nursery, flower shop. It has a beautiful attraction and sweet smell so it is suitable for valentine day’s gift.


Roses: The king of flowers and every shade of rose have a unique story and meaning. Rose is not for only gifting also useful in Indian spices, medicines, Gulab sharbat ( Beverage ), and subtle fragrance. White, yellow, red, pink, orange, and purple are the different colors of rose and have a different meaning. The white rose is referred to as bridal rose and significant of humanity and peace. Friendship, joy, and cheerfulness are symbol of yellow roses and it looks very decent.  Pink conveyed elegance, appreciation, and gratitude. Orange rose to symbolize warm tone, desire, and enthusiasm. Purple and lilac rose is also definitely for couples. Show your love with a red rose.

Daisy: This flower is mostly given to sick persons. In ancient time, daisy flower use to cure stomach pain. Bouquet of white daisy is charming welcome at any party.


Tulip: The main origin country of the tulip is Persia and Turkey. Buds of Tulip are more beautiful than blossom. In Turkey these flower known as a sign of “perfect love”, due to the story of Shirin and Farhad. According to the story when Farhad lesson about, Shirin has been killed so he decided to suicide. After his death, scarlet tulips drop up from each droplet of his blood, and this is the “perfect love”.


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