How to make the most use of your Storage Boxes

What’s a home without its memories? What’s a home without its storage boxes? However a person decides to do their home decor, they will seldom do so without having a storage box. Multiple boxes in fact sometimes. After all, the usage of a storage box goes way beyond just one. Don’t think so? Well here’s a little something that will ensure that you know in just how many ways you can make full use of your good old storage box-


  1. Photo Frames

Nothing spells memories like a gallery full of old photographs. It is thus very important to ensure their protection as time passes. Storage boxes come to our rescue, making sure that all precious something are safe and secure. Store in some antique baubles or those cherished baubles and your photograph box will easily double as a memory capsule.


  1. Sewing Kit

Sewing Kit

How many of us have been fooled into opening a cookie box only to see it full of yarns of thread and sewing needles? Well high time we replace that with a nice, sturdy storage box that houses your full sewing kit. Let the cookies go where they belong!


  1. Side Tables

For the ones who have multiple storage boxes and trunks, give them a go as side tables to give your room some new character. Stack the entire boxes one atop the other beside a wall in whatever way you desire and give your room an unconventional, quirky edge.


  1. Stoolsstool

Storage boxes and trunks easily double up as stools. So if your room is a bit to cluttered for additional furniture, using a trunk as a stool is a great option! Or if you want to add a whimsical touch to your terrace garden, jazz it up with some quaint storage boxes as stools. In fact, you can even stir up your classic living room decor with decorative storage boxes.


  1. Jewelry storagejeweler

Are you one of those people whose jewellry is found lying around, all over the house, in the unlikeliest of places? You lady(or sir) need a nice, sturdy jewellry box! Have all your precious trinkets in one place and see how easy it becomes, getting ready everyday morning when you’re not tearing the whole house upside down looking for that particular earring!


  1. Decorative  Accent

One look at all the variety of storage boxes online that one finds these days and you’ll know just why and how storage boxes are the new decorative accents! With such great aesthetics and beauty, these boxes have a great potential to work perfectly as standalone decorative accents. Whether you want to liven up a dull room or add a little table top accent, these boxes will always come for your rescue.



  1. Gift Boxes

Your loved ones would appreciate your gift a great deal more if it comes wrapped in a dainty, delightful storage box that is a gift in itself. You can even recycle old storage boxes as gift boxes with a certain old world charm to them. And if your friend or family is a vintage aficionado, then they would certainly be overjoyed by such a gift box!


Storage boxes are thus a must have. Their versatility ensures that you can use them multiple times in a variety of ways, all the while ensuring that your home decor is as stylish as it can be.

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