How to customize Item Reports in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks allows its user to customize various reports that help them to check the status of their business. The users can contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number  +1-844-200-2627 for any support related to the application. Here, in the following article, we will discuss the steps to customize item report in the accounting software. Note every section and filters are different for every report. Hence, it is important to understand the concept and target which is very important while customizing reports.

Report That Includes Items and Item Descriptions

For QuickBooks PRO and Mac users:

  • Enter the main menu
  • Now click on Reports >> Custom Reports >> Transaction Detail
  • Now, select Customize Report and from the Display tab
  • And then, click on Item and Item Description in the Column section
  • Move to the Filters tab, select the following filters:
    • Transaction Type = Purchase Order
    • Posting Status = Either
    • Received = Click No for open Purchase Orders
    • Received = Click Yes for closed Purchase Orders

For Mac and PRO users they have to click on Filter icon to add or remove it.

Inventory Items Used In Assemblies to Be Ordered From Vendors

In the following report inventory items are displayed. These inventory items are the one that helps in making assemblies. It allows the users to view those inventories that are required to be ordered from the vendor.

  • Use inventory assemble to create a sales order
  • Create a pending build for this assembly
  • Navigate to the Reports >> Inventory >> Inventory Stock Status by Item
  • Review the For Assemblies column to check inventory items that are on the pending list
  • Now, move to Reports >> Inventory and then Pending Builds after receiving the items
  • Now, double-click on pending assembly
  • Select Remove Pending Status and then click on Build and Close
  • Now, create an invoice from the sales order for the built assemblies

What are Items (product) Used in Build Assemblies?

  • Move to Reports >> Custom Reports >> Summary
  • From the Display tab, select a date range to the period you want
  • Select the Customize Report
  • On the drop-down of the display click on Item detail
  • Select Quantity from the Display Columns
  • From the Filters tab select:
    • Delete the Account
    • Add Transaction Type and then click on Build Assembly
    • Add Detail Level and then click on All except summary
  • Select Memorize option to save the report

You can even opt for the additional options such as:

  • Set the Posting Status filter Either to add pending bills
  • Set Display Columns by to Month to show data by month
  • Set the Item filter to Multiple items and choose your desired items

Hopefully, the provided steps will help the users to customize the items reports. The steps that are provided above might be bit confusing. Hence if the users face any problem they can make an immediate call. Dial the experts at QuickBooks Phone Number +1-844-200-2627. The call will be answered by professional experts.

Summary: This article will help the readers to understand the process of customizing reports. In case, one faces any problem, they can make an immediate call to the experts.

Author Bio: Tina is a dedicated content writer and loves traveling. He has worked for many years as a technical expert. He is well aware of the changes that take place in QuickBooks