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How can your hotel make the most of the people traveling during Christmas and provide them with the best possible experience? Although there are many people who can not imagine a Christmas away from home,  for many others it is the best time to travel. With children’s school holidays, the charm of paid vacation days and holidays, it’s hard to resist the chance to get away. It does not matter if you opt for beach and surf, snow and ski tourism, or choose to see skyscrapers and shop; millions of travelers will consider. Sankofa Guest House as their homes during these holidays.


So, how can your hotel make the most of the people traveling during Christmas and provide them with the best possible experience while they are away from home? Here are some suggestions:


  1. Create a festive atmosphere

Let’s face it: Christmas decoration can be a tedious task. What if I could just pack my bags and take all the Christmas spirit to a place where everything is ready? For people who travel during Christmas, part of the happiness of leaving home for a holiday lies in getting rid of decorating their homes and cooking. Your goal is to enjoy the holidays with all the comforts that they would have in their homes, but without the effort of having to prepare them.


Create a special Christmas atmosphere that guests can not have in their homes. For this, you can be inspired by the extravagant Christmas decorations of the Plaza Hotel in New York or the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Hawaii is a popular destination for Christmas travel and many hotels in Waikiki turn to get their guests to experience an authentic ” Mele Kalikimaka ” (Merry Christmas). With giant Christmas trees in the halls and sand sculptures of Santa Claus surfing, the aloha islands are one of the favorite destinations during the Christmas season.


Contage the Christmas atmosphere to its bars and restaurants and include theme menus for the occasion or a special cocktail. Offer a DVD loan service with Christmas movies for quiet evenings and cookies and milk so that the children can leave Santa Claus when he arrives.


  1. Get to know the program of celebrations for Christmas

Holidays often inspire a lot of special events. Know at all times what activities are scheduled in the vicinity of your hotel. Designate someone to report all local events that have been scheduled and offer guests a complete list of all the activities that take place during their stay. Where do festivals, concerts and religious services take place? Is there a breakfast with Santa Claus nearby? What is the best place to see the New Year’s fireworks? Whether it’s to inform about a Misa del Gallo or a New Year’s Eve party where children are admitted, the hotel concierge should become a must stop for planning the Christmas holidays.


And do not forget to organize your own Christmas activities! Many guests prefer to stay enjoying the comfort of the hotel for the Christmas Eve dinner or the New Year’s Eve party. It is a great opportunity to generate income and added comfort for guests looking to enjoy a relaxed Christmas.


  1. Know perfectly what establishments are open during Christmas

During this time of year, most stores and restaurants have special hours. Help guests with last minute Christmas shopping or dinner plans. Make sure you can answer questions like: “How late are the shops open on Christmas Eve? o What restaurants are open for brunch on New Year’s Day? “


And finally, remember that not all guests staying at the hotel during Christmas will travel for leisure; There will also be some who do it for work. As I have had to spend countless Christmas in hotels for work reasons, I can attest that not all people who are there are to enjoy a relaxing vacation. These guests will still need the usual services of the hotel, such as the business center or the gym, and it will never hurt to offer them any special attention, as they would with any of their own employees who are working during Christmas.


Therefore, while travelers prepare to leave their homes this Christmas, the recommendations indicated here will help you to ensure that your hotel is prepared to offer an experience that your guests can never forget.

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