How to Clean Glass Windows like a Pro?

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Your glass windows might seem to be clean, but you get the real picture when the sun shines on them. So here’re a few tips that will help you clean the windows like a pro.

Inevitably, window cleaning is a challenging task, but it can be simplified with the right tools and techniques especially made for windows. Window cleaning includes all the spraying & wiping and you often end up with a mess of streaks as well. According to the experts, cleaning glass windows is more about the tools than the elbow grease.

Therefore, the pros from the best Dubai cleaning company have suggested these tips that will help you get done with window cleaning quite easily with good results. So let’s dive in;

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is truly amongst the best all-purpose ingredients that you just can’t without. Frankly, the vinegar works as effectively on a salad as it does on your glass window without costing any additional penny.

Whether you’re not into buying the commercial glass cleaners anymore or just looking for cheaper options, vinegar is just the right thing to get along with in order to clean glass windows. You only need a vinegar-water solution. Spray or wipe it on like you would any other cleaner.

Go Distilled

There’s a reason why 70% of Earth is water. There’s no way you can neglect the significance of it. At every point in your life, you need water and cleaning is no different. For glass window cleaning, water content makes a huge difference — make sure you have hard water.

In case you’re diluting the glass cleaner, use the distilled water. Since the distilled water doesn’t have all the minerals that are present in the tap water, it won’t actually leave behind any streaks on the glass.

Minimize Suds

Did you know suds can significantly contribute in leaving your glass window full of streaks? Usually, the vinegar and commercial glass cleaners are more than enough to help get rid of the dirt. But if you see more dirt and planning to use soap on it, go easy. Keep in mind! You don’t need too much of the soap to get rid of that dirt. If you do so, you’ll end up with a dense cleaner that’ll surely leave the streaky residue on the glass.



Here’re some quick tips that you must keep in mind with regards to glass window cleaning;

  • Make sure you don’t clean windows in direct sunlight as it might dry fast and form streak.
  • While cleaning the exterior windows, wash it first with a hose or clean water to get rid of grease & grime.
  • Wash windows side-to-side on the inside and up-to-down on the outside. This will make streaks quite visible to you if any.
  • Change wash and rinse waters quite often.
  • Vacuum screen to get rid of dust, dirt and grime.
  • Scrub the outside screens with warm water and rinse with clean water. Then just allow it to air dry.


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