How to Clean Car Roof Lining

The roof lining is an integral part of the interior of a car. Also known as the headliner, it is the internal fabric attached to the inner surface of the roof. Most people wash the exterior of their vehicle and vacuum clean the seats, dashboards and doors, but forget the roof lining.

The car roof lining gets stained due to a variety of reasons. It can get stains by the hands of kids while munching on their favourite snacks. Moreover, it can attract smudges from the smoke of the cigarettes, touch of hands or any other thing.  

Cleaning the roof liner is easier than you think. You can clean it yourself or get it done by a professional. The professionals may charge a hefty amount of charges for cleaning the roof lining of your car. You can do it yourself to save your time and money. Let us check the steps to clean the roof lining of a vehicle at home.

Cleaning the minor spots

To remove the minor spots, you need a microfiber cloth and upholstery cleaner. Take the microfiber cloth and gently wipe the areas having stains. There may be some loose dirt on the surface of the fabric. Clean it using a soft brush, but do not press it too deep otherwise, the dirt can enter deep into the fabric. 

After cleaning all the stains, you need to use the upholstery cleaner. Spray the cleaner on a corner of your microfiber cloth. Then wipe the visible stains with the wet edge of the cloth. Wipe gently with a little pressure to allow the cleaner to enter into the fabric. However, you should not press the damp cloth too much to prevent the cleaner from entering the foam under the fabric.

After removing the spots blot the wet areas of the fabric with the dry microfiber cloth. Wait for the roof liner to dry entirely and check if there are any visible stains or spots. It the stains are still visible you should try the next step to clean the headliner of your car.

Cleaning the surface of the roof liner

When the spot cleaning is not sufficient to remove the stains from the headliner, it needs an entire surface cleaning. You need to clean the whole surface of the roof liner fabric with upholstery cleaner. It is best to use an aerosol cleaner, and it is more effective than regular upholstery cleaner.

Spray the upholstery cleaner on the entire surface of the fabric and leave it to sit on the fabric for the time mentioned on the can of the cleaner.  Make sure you spray the cleaner in every corner and also near the cabin lights and support handles.

Then brush the surface of the fabric using a soft-bristled upholstery cleaning brush. Use the brush in circular motion to clean the dirt and stains gently. Don’t forget to clean the edges and corners. You can use a small brush to clean the hard to reach areas.

Leave the headliner to dry for at least two hours. The drying time may depend on how deeply you apply the cleaner and the temperature and air in the environment. Check for nay left stains after the fabric is completely dried. If there are any visible stains, repeat the steps for another round of cleaning, but only for the areas with stains. However, some stains of oil or grease are tough and need a deep cleaning treatment as explained in the next step.

Deep cleaning treatment for roof liner

You should use the deep cleaning treatment only after trying the minor spot and surface cleaning. Be careful while using the deep cleaning treatment as it may wet the adhesive under the foam and the headliner may start sagging.

You need a deep cleaning system, how water and a stain removing brush for the treatment. First of all, put the required amount of water and cleaner in the machine and turn it on for the time mentioned in the user manual. Use the water and cleaning solution in the amounts as written in the manual or on the machine.

Then use the upholstery cleaning adapter of the machine to start cleaning the headliner. Spray the cleaner on the surface while moving in a steady motion. Move the adapter at a speed of 3 to 5 inches per second. Spend 1 or 2 seconds more on the stains and move to cover the entire surface.

Allow the headliner to dry completely by leaving the windows open for a few hours. Once it gets dried, run your hand on the whole fabric to remove the dry lines formed due to deep cleaning.

Final Words

You can try these tips to clean the roof lining of your car. If the fabric is sagging form some areas, you must consult a professional who can visit your place to perform the car roof lining repair ipswich. Using the tips in this post can help any car owner to clean the headliner of their car at home.

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