Top Five Tips when buying a washing machine in India

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Has your family decided to buy a washing machine? Then this article is for you. Today a washing machine has become one of the basic appliances that is present in everyone’s house. The washing machine has come as a Godsend for the working people. Now there is no need to spend time washing the clothes on the weekends. But buying the best model in the washing machine has become an important decision because of the cost associated with the appliance and quality of work expected. If the right choice is made, then the appliance will definitely last at least a decade. The best-chosen appliance will possess some top features like energy efficiency, water efficiency. The washing machine has to be highly reliable, effectively clean the clothes and remove the dirt from them. Several kinds of models exist from several manufacturers but choosing the right one according to the budget and need plays a major role. Some models performs better in the warranty period and fails later.
tips to buy the best washing machine
Generally, home laundry rooms were built to accommodate standard 27 inches side by side washing machine. But choosing the right capacity is a challenging task. Some machines even have bigger size like 29 to 30 inches. Before buying a large capacity washing machine, check whether the machine fits in the laundry room or kitchen or living room with the space available. Measure the depth, height as well as width so that you will get an exact idea about the size of the machine. See whether an extra place is available so that it is easy to make movements in and around. Measure the door clearance in the laundry room. You need to bring in the appliance into the room, don’t you? If you are buying a front loading machine, then measure the door opening clearance for proper access. If you feel space is not adequate, try considering stacking washing dryer units. Most front-loading washing machines come with stacking kits. That allows you to stack the appliance on top of them. If you are planning to place the washing machine the living area, then do not forget about the vibrations and noise associated with them. You should look into this aspect when you decide on how to buy the best washing machine.
If you have a large family, then there will be a lot of clothes. If you buy a washing with a capacity of 7 kg then it can hold up to five and a half kilogram of clothes. It is better if you choose the large capacity if you have more clothes in daily routine. It will be good if you match the amount of washing clothes with the capacity of the appliance.
Do you want to know how to buy the best washing machine as per your budget? Then consider this aspect. The top-loading machine is the commonly used machine. These machines are expensive as it has energy efficient and water efficient features. These can be noisier when compared to other models. They spin in a fast manner so that they can be energy efficient. But these models require more water, and you need more energy for drying the clothes. If you spend a huge amount, you will get energy and water efficient machines. Front loaders are best when compared to a top loader, but the cost associated with the second option is huge. They use 25% or less water, spin faster and dry the clothes easily. But the front loading machine also has some disadvantages. For example, they take more time to wash the clothes and vibrate excessively when loads in the drum are uneven.
It will better if you choose the stainless steel washing machine. This model is best if you use the machine for washing clothes daily. If not, then using a porcelain coated steel drum or a high-grade plastic tub that will be sufficient.
If you wash multiple fabrics with a high level of dirt, choose a machine which offers a variety of options like second rinse, extra soak, delicate and many more. If the machine offers steam washing, then it will be highly effective because the appliance provides super hot water for deep cleaning. Some washing models even come with the features of rising the water temperature and killing the bacteria. Latest washing machine comes with fully automated services like optimum level, use of water and automatic detergent dispenser so that the task of washing becomes easier. Some machines come with the big detergent dispenser. Once loaded in the machine, the powder will easily dispense the detergents for multiple loads. Model with load sensors will help in loading optimum level of water to the machine and save the water.
So, have you read the article on how to buy the best washing machine? After you buy the washing machine, you need to give it proper maintenance service to keep it in the best working condition. Even after the warranty period. And hiring the best handyman professional has become easy in recent times. Let us imagine, you are in Bangalore and your washing machine needs maintenance. So, how will you search for the best technician skilled in washing machine repair in Bangalore? Just search the app of the best company which offers doorstep services with qualified handyman professionals. You can opt for the technician near your home, and schedule the time for service as per your requirement. Then the task gets completed with ease.
When buying a new machine check clearly about the warranty. Choose the best washing machine according to your budget and need.

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