How to add new Hotmail contact number

Hotmail provides the first web-based email service in the world in 1996 and is founded by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia. In 1997, Hotmail was acquired by After the acquisition of Hotmail, Microsoft changed its user interface and included the anti-virus scanning for many other features such as attachments, calendar services, panel readings, spell checks, search, web messenger, as well as many other features. All user are satisfied with this mail service. It always updates and edits advanced features. The user can easily handle this account service and they can easily be modified. Sometimes the issue cannot be resolved by the user because of the small amount of knowledge they have. If the user wants to add new Hotmail contact number in your account and know about that How to add new contact number on your Hotmail account. Read the full article if you want to add easily.
Add Your Hotmail number
If you have to need to add new contact number in your account then we describe all the process of adding. You can easily add the number with the help of our steps. Follow all the steps and add Hotmail 1: number.
Step 1: Login on your main account.
Step 2: After this, you have to click on the settings. This icon is shown on the top of the right-hand side of the menu bar.
Step 3: Click on the “option” and it redirects you to all account options.
Step 4: On the left side, you can find the account option. Click on this.
Step 5: After this click, the edit information and you can see many input bars.
Step 6: Find the business number input bar and type your number which you want to add as your Hotmail contact number.
Step 7: If the editing process is completed then click on the save button.
Step 8 : After this Hotmail send you a verification text on your number then you have to verify.
Now, all changes are saved and your new Hotmail number is added. Now you have received all notifications of your account and in the future, if you forgot your password then it helps you to change the password easily. If you want to add the new number to your Hotmail contact list then it can be easily done.
Hotmail add contact
Hotmail contains many contacts in the account. A large number of users cannot find that How to add new contact list or number in this account. If you want to add a new contact list then you have to follow all the process.
* First of all, log in on your account.
* Click on the main menu and click on the people option which is shown on the list.
* Now click the add button that is shown on the upper side.
* After clicking this button you can see the input bar. Now add the new contact in your Hotmail account.
* Add the first name and last name of the contact and click on save button.
The contact number is saved in your list. You can easily import your contact list from Hotmail account. You can save up to 238569 KB of contact data in this service. Hotmail support number provides the best service and all can be solved easily.