How much does a trip to the Maldives cost?

Is the Maldives a cheap or expensive place to visit? Cool Things to Do in Maldives

The Maldives are a paradise of spectacular little islands, pristine beaches, immense coral atolls and crystal clear waters. At first glance it may seem that they are not within the reach of backpacking budgets, however if certain measures are taken so that the expenses can skyrocket, the capriccio can be affordable. Also Maldives holiday packages make it reasonable to visit at Maldives. One thing must be clear and we do not want to deceive anyone, coming here is going to be more expensive than travelling to any other country in Southeast Asia. Keep reading and you will leave doubts.

How much does a trip to the Maldives cost?

Here are a few tricks to travel by Maldives vacation package and make a low cost trip in a luxury destination:

  1. Choose flights

Whether it’s going to be expensive or not depends on where you take the flights from. Obviously if you leave from any European country flights are not cheap. Although there are always timely offers with flights for about 400 Euros round trip to Male. In fact, more and more companies are flying to the capital of the Maldives, sometimes even the airport of scale to reach Asia. If, like us, you are visiting Sri Lanka flights are cheap. Round trip can leave for 100 or 150 Euros.

  1. Choose the accommodation

If you go to resort date for fucking! The prices are high and the catering services, excursions and other extras too.

  • Solution 1: Maafushi Island. Here there are cheaper accommodations in small hotels and guesthouses. Disadvantage: from what we have been told is quite exploited.
  • Solution 2: look for some local fishermen’s island with small lodgings, no big infrastructures or hotels built with the money of the great Arab powers. The prices for force will be lower and you’ll be alone on the beaches (or maybe with a local hitting a dip).
  1. Choose the island

If even then the prices are still high, try to find these little islands with a few accommodation places and contact them. Sometimes they are new openings and can leave the prices much lower.

  1. Choose the transports

Check the options to get to the island. Almost all can be reached by local ferry; the truth is that ferry networks are extensive and economical. For example, we pay around € 2.5 for a 1-hour ferry plus a 4-and-a-half hour ferry. If the only solution is to arrive by private boat, prepare 20 minimum levels to arrive, plus many others back, minimum! Not to mention the seaplanes…

  1. Choose where to eat

If you do not get cooking no problem, just follow the locals to see where they eat, and see what they ask for. It’s as if a tourist in Barcelona follows us, would end up eating at the Tasca i Vins or a sandwich at a Chinese bar and something would be saved. There are various snacks based on fish or sausages that cost 1, 2 or 3 ruffians (from 0.05 €). Some fried noodles or fried rice cost 30 or 40 rf.

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