How Modi Government’s Second Term may Impact Your Investment

Investments are ruled by interest rates which are affected by market sentiments and changes in the political-economic state of the country. The Narendra Modi government came into power with a thumping victory and has doubled the expectations for the economy. With various policy measures now taking a stronghold – bringing in foreign capital, Make In India, social security schemes, it is expected that interest rates will stay benign and inflation will be low to medium.

Impact on interest-bearing investments

While this is great for the country, what does it mean for your interest-bearing investments? Equity markets will stay vibrant and possibly make new and break new records, but interest investments like bonds, FDs, and others will earn less as the interest rates will not be rising any further.

Lucrative investment options 

So is equity the only possible profitable investment? Mutual funds and brokerage houses will be selling the India story and a buoyant stock market. If you have the risk appetite, you can surely invest directly with paid research and advisory. You can alternatively choose the mutual fund route and go for an ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme) or equity mutual fund.

Another question is where else to invest money? You can go back to the good old term deposits – fixed deposits. While the bank FDs are on a lower scale offering interest rates ranging from 7% to 7.75%, company FDs like Bajaj Finance FDs are much more lucrative in terms of an overall return on investment.

Benefits of investing in Company FDs during Modi Government’s second term

As an investor looking for guaranteed returns, you can opt for company FDs such as Bajaj Finance FDs. Bajaj Finance is a credible and well established NBFC. It offers FDs with tenor ranging from 12 months to 60 months and interest rates between 8.6% to 8.95%.

  • High interest rates – As a new customer, you can receive 8.6% for a tenor of 5 years and an additional 0.35% if you are a senior citizen. Returning customers can look at an additional 0.10%. You can look at these rates with a minimum investment of Rs 25,000.

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit offers one of the highest interest rates in India, along with high safety ratings that ensure that your principal amount remains safe.

  • High guarantee and stability – You are assured of high safety and guarantee with ICRA’s MAAA (stable) rating and CRISIL’s FAAA/Stable rating. This is one of the highest credit ratings for any company FD. You can be rest assured of your principal amount to be safe just like in any bank.
  • Flexible tenors, laddering – With Bajaj Finance FD, you can choose flexible tenors and take advantage of laddering. With various monthly, quarterly, or annual payouts, you can either have a fixed sum of payout or create different FDs maturing at different points of time in the future. This will help in creating a steady flow of money for various financial goals.
  • Online FD calculator – This is a very useful facility by Bajaj Finance on its website.  With free Fixed Deposit Maturity amount Calculator, you can easily determine the amount to be invested when you choose a specific tenor to achieve a specific maturity amount. You can change other variables like tenor and principal amount also to calculate your returns in different possible scenarios.