How does Internet Help us in our Daily life?

How internet help us in our daily life ??

Back in my junior school, I remember helping with my friend’s essay about how technology was nothing but a nuisance. However, today I disagree with my younger self. Technology has been nothing but a blessing in disguise. The Internet is one such example. In today’s era, everything (and I mean it in its literal sense) is just a click away. Talking about a click away reminds me of a very recent incident. Therefore, a week ago my grandmother rushed into my room when I was still asleep and asked me to get ready because she wanted me to accompany her to the bank. She said that I had to go inside and pay the utility bill. That shocked me beyond words. I got the bill from her and payed it within a few minutes from home thanks to our Spectrum Internet Support! After all these years, my grandmother was impressed! Finally! That is the power of the internet.

Nothing Goes Unnoticed!

In addition, when I say power, I am referring to all that the internet has armed us with now. Sitting in my home, I know exactly what my aunt and her family are up to across the state.  I can connect with them in no time and at no cost. Using Skype to make video calls is very free. There are more than 31 million people using Skype to communicate globally. Other online services are also there for communication like Facebook, e-mails, Chatting rooms, etc. all these means to connect with friends and loved ones don’t cost much now. I can even make an online purchase without even visiting a clothes outlet. Almost all business are selling online today. Not only has the internet facilitated us when it comes to online purchasing to the payment of utility bills, it has also made it easy for us to access news. Whether it be political news, weather forecast, or just a video of Melanie refusing to hold Trump’s hand- we know it all. Now planning a vacation is not a hassle. From booking a flight, purchasing tickets, to booking a hotel, all is just a click away.

Work & Play – Just a Click Away

Apart from this, it has become easy for people to have access to various shows. There was a time when we had to spend money to buy DVDs to binge watch our favorite series. I do not think anyone does it at this age. In addition, not only has the internet helped us in having an easy access to entertainment but has also facilitated other sectors. Let us talk about the education sector, for instance. It is so easy for students to enroll themselves in virtual classes and acquire the same knowledge as anyone present in the classroom physically. The internet has also made it possible for people to work from the ease of their homes. Who would have thought one could work for a firm based in Europe from your living room now!
Pretty soon our local yellow pages would be the thing of the past. Internet is today’s directory of contacts and services. If you need a cab you get it via Uber, if you are craving pizza, Alexa is there to order it for you. All these conveniences are especially helpful for someone who is immobile for any reason.

A Word of Caution

Those same sites and applications that are a great help to us can also put us in danger. Many sites and social profiles are used for criminal activities like stalking, bullying, or shaming. I have seen rifts and fights erupting within communities. Those who take pleasure in inciting arguments caused these. Let us be realistic. There are good and bad people everywhere. For that, I always advise my friends to take care not to share their personal information on websites. Especially those websites, which have no appropriate protection and security levels for their consumers.
Parental controls at home are also important. We do not want our children and other young family members to have access to such sites and even, games with content that is not suitable or approved for them.
Well, the internet has made the wildest of our fantasies come true, making the impossible possible. I am not sure as to what other surprises the advancement in this technology will bring for us. However, the foodie in me is eternally grateful to my Spectrum Cable Company subscription, simply for all the yummy recipes I find online! Moreover, who knows! One day I may be able to download that Krispy Kreme doughnut and eat it while relaxing in my room! Fingers crossed!