How Does Divorce Affect Adoption?

Adopting a child is a great work to do as it gives a new life to the child as well as is an important change in the life of the couple who is adopting the child. Also, a couple can adopt a child only when they fulfill certain requirements and are not going through a complicated life. But as soon as Divorce comes into place, it can completely disturb the life of the adopted child and the adoption process as well. To know the rights and responsibilities during such a situation, you can consult a well-experienced Divorce Lawyer.

How Does Divorce Affect Adoption?

When a married couple adopts a child, then they obtain the entire legal responsibilities of the child. The responsibilities are the same for the adoptive parents as if it is their own child. The couple is given complete responsibility and the lifetime rights to take care of the child and manage his education, health, and all other expenses as well as ensure a safe and secure life for the child.

If after adopting a child the couple is planning to file for a divorce, this will affect the life of the adopted child but will not alter the responsibilities of the adoptive parents. Generally, the adoptive parents equally share the custody of the adopted child and jointly share the decisions of the child’s life such as education, health etc. Also, in some cases; one parent gets the sole custody of the child while the other gets the visiting rights. If you are planning for Divorce and have an adopted child, you can contact us to get the Divorce specialist lawyer in Delhi.

Sometimes there can be a situation where the couple decides to get separated while they were in the middle of the adoption process. This can affect the entire adoption process as nothing was finalized yet. Also, if the biological parents are involved in the process, they might not feel secure giving their child to the couple who is already filing for divorce. Under such circumstances, the real parents can deny the adoption to such a couple.

However, under any circumstances, if the parental rights of the child have already been transferred to the adoptive parents, the biological parents cannot create any obligation towards the adoption of their child. During such situations, the court has to play its role and you need to consult the best Divorce Lawyer you know about. The court will decide if the child will be given to anyone parent or the adoption can also be denied by the court.

Such cases don’t happen every day hence, there is an urgent to consider the best lawyer for which we can help you. We can provide you with the best Divorce Lawyer in New Delhi.  It is important as the lawyer must have the complete knowledge of the situation you are going through and what laws are applicable for the same. Only a well-trained and experienced lawyer can help you in getting out of such a situation and get the best decision by the court as well.

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