Highest Paying Countries for Digital Marketing Specialists in the World

The most prominent nations in the online circle normally offer the most astounding pay rates for Digital Marketing Specialists.


A Digital Marketing Specialist in Australia gains a normal pay of AUD 82,166 (USD 62,444.52) every year. The normal time-based compensation is AUD 42 (USD 31.92) every hour. That is around 1.4 times higher than the Australian middle wage.

Clearly, Australia offers very lucrative wages, since passage level positions offer AUD 58,000 (USD 44,078.84), and experienced specialists get paid as much as AUD 115,000 (USD 87,397.7).


In Netherlands, the compensation for Digital Marketing Specialists ranges from €34,000 to €57,000 (USD 38,765.1 – 64,988.55).


Computerized Marketing Specialists in the US gain a middle compensation of $47,853 every year. On the low end, such expert procure $35,122, which increments to $63,810 for best experts.


As per PayScale, the middle pay for Canadian Digital Marketing Specialists is C$47,818 (USD 37,127.22). Here, passage level experts can expect a pay of C$36,003 (USD 27,953.73), though experienced laborers get a high of C$67,810 (USD 52,649.56).

Neuvoo gauges the normal Digital Marketing Specialist compensation in Canada to be C$55,690 (USD 43,239.26) every year. That is C$29 (USD 22.52) every hour, or, in other words times more than the Canadian middle wage.


In the UK, the normal Digital Marketing Specialist’s compensation is £33,393 (USD 43,060.27) every year (£17 (USD 21.92) every hour). Beginning experts acquire £23,000 (USD 29,658.5); though, experts with long stretches of experience get as much as £47,000 (USD 60,606.5).


Ireland offers Digital Marketing Specialists a normal compensation of €37 000 (USD 42,185.55) every year. This likens to a time-based compensation of €19 (USD 21.66), and it’s around 2 times more than Ireland’s middle wage.

€26 000 (USD 29,643.9) is the average passage level wage, and €52 000 (USD 59,287.8) is the normal compensation for the most experienced specialists.


In Austria, Digital Marketing Specialists gain a normal pay of €30,800 (USD 35,116.62) every year (€16 (USD 18.24) every hour). This reaches from €22,000 (USD 25,083.3) at the section level, to €43,000 (USD 49,026.45) for gifted laborers.


Being a Digital Marketing Specialist in Italy, you can expect a normal pay of €30,650 (USD 34,945.6) every year or a time-based compensation of €16 (USD 18.24). That is very nearly 2 times the normal pay in Italy.

Compensations begin at €21,000 (USD 23,943.15), going up to €43,000 (USD 49,026.45) for experienced experts.


Computerized Marketing Specialists in Singapore acquire somewhere in the range of S$38,880 and S$59,760 every year (USD 28,132.14 – 43,240.15). The variety in pay is for the most part dependent on experience level, industry, and friends measure.


Advanced Marketing Specialists in Spain procure somewhere in the range of €27,000 and €31,000 (USD 30,784.05 – 35,344.65) every year.

Advanced Marketing Specialist Career Path

Through a progressive procedure, it’s conceivable to progress to abnormal state positions, beginning from a vocation as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Starting as a Digital Marketing Specialist, you can proceed onward to the situation of an Online/Display Advertising Manager, and after that turn into the Head of Online/Display Advertising. On the other hand, you can advance from a Digital Marketing Specialist to a Digital Marketing Manager, and after that to the Head of Digital.

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