Top 7 Hairstyle Trends In 2019


The hairstyle is that thing which is almost loved by all girls and women. That time was passed when women have to keep long hair and always keep them tuck. Today people are opting a variety of hairstyles so that they can have a unique and beautiful look. Even today most women love to have to short hair with styling. Women are working and they want to keep them updated with the new style whether it is related to the hairstyle or makeup. Times have changed and people are also changing which brings every year something new. In the year 2019 people are opting new trends of hairstyle even you can explore different look for winter and summer season. We all know that people carry different types of hair but while styling it doesn’t matter what your hair is curls, straight, and have waves. There are a variety of experts who can tell you about the different types of hairstyles so that you can have a unique style. You can also explore haircut trends for a different place such as at the office, at the party, and other types of functions. It is a very great idea to try new texture and cool accessory. 

Blunt Bobs

It is the hairstyle which has been revised from old times. In this, you will have shattered and layered hair with the blunter sharper finish. You can also try with boyfriend bob in which you have hair length up to the shoulder and have roughly halfway between ears and the nape of the neck. It is the perfect hair length for flatter hair. This style of hair also provide heavy and soften thick looks.

Super straight

If you love to have mind black and long hair then you can go for straight hair. You can provide the best hairstyle by the reputed artist to have a perfect look. It is the style which provides a unique look to all types of face cut. You can also have straight hair for short hairs and in different colors. The fashion of curls and waves went as it provides the same look.

Center part

It is the hairstyle which is usually preferred by the women of short hair with little waves. It is the trend which is not taken by all types of hairs. But at the same time, this hairstyle is simple and sophisticated. You can have this hairstyle by using the thin comb to get perfect straight hairs. It is the perfect style for women who have a flat face with a round shape.

Romantic updo with a crown of roses

It is the perfect hairstyle for brides when they do not have very short or too long hairs. In this artist will provide round shape to hairs from downwards to upwards direction.  The perfect look provides by the bridal makeup artist in Jaipur to have a decent and perfect look. This hairstyle will have roughly bun with roses. It is the hairstyle which looks magnificent in all types of face cut.

Half up, half-down waterfall braid with daisies

In this hairstyle, you will explore a unique way in which professional forms waterfall with the use of hair. They make twist braid in an upward direction and then it gets the look of waterfalls. After this, it is decorated with the daisies flowers in white color to make it beautiful. You can hire best bridal makeup artist in Jaipur. This hairstyle is perfect for little waves and straight hair so that the waterfall can be seen clearly. Wave hairs provide a more magnificent look as water also has waves.

Effortless Fishtail braid

Fishtail hairstyle is also very popular for all types of functions or occasions. In this you will explore that pony braid is loosely formed differently. Then it is decorated with the hair accessories to make it more attractive. This hairstyle generally made at long hairs with side style. This hairstyle also provides a heavy look to hairs from the front side. It is the hairstyle which looks a little bit messy but has unique features.

Twisted Updo

This type of hairstyle is made with lots of twist in both left and right side. In the end, all hairs get rolled upwards in loose form. Lower length of the hair is put inside the hair and tucked with pins. Inside the hair, the artist forms a traditional braid and then twisted it so that it can have different look. This hairstyle can also decorate with flowers you like.