Hactivist in jail over 10 years to ddos a hospital website

A Massachusetts man was punished today for 10 years in prison for performing a DDOS attack on a hospital website on behalf of a Anonymous hacker Group.
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The Attacker Martin Gottesfeld, 34, was also ordered to pay out $443,000 in restitution for damaged the hospital website by DDOS attack.
He hacked 4000 internet routers and use them for perform the DDos attack on the website.
The anonymous hacker group’s campaign with the name of #Opjustina. This campaign purpose is to raise public attraction in the case of Justina Pelletier, a girl who was away from her parents after a diagnosis made by Boston Children’s Hospital Medical Staff.
After one year the girl was reunited with her parents, after reveled that the doctor misdiagnosed her disease. Gottesfeld decided to be help out her parent’s case by performing ddos attack against the wayside Youth and family Suport Network.
Legal Authorities tracked Gottesfeld by a video which he uploaded on YouTube, according his court documents. They searched his house but was not able to arrest him in 2014.
Gottesfeld said that he performed the attacks to protest the reportedly abusive treatment of patient Justina Pelletier, who was the subject of a high-profile custody battle between her parents and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

BCH and Pelletier’s parents started a dispute over a diagnosis of their daughter and a judge awarded the teen’s custody to the state of Massachusetts. After her diagnosis, Pelletier was later moved to Wayside Youth & Family Support Network and 16 months later, she was released to her parents on the court order.