Revealed: 3 Reasons Behind Google’s Algorithmic Updates

The search engine giant Google regularly updates its algorithm but never reveals the reason behind it. SEO professionals and those working in the digital media merely speculate about the changes that Google makes on regular interval. Sometimes, their speculations prove right and sometimes prove wrong. No one has so far clearly understood the nature of Google and its algorithm. Like other, we also tried to know the reasons behind the Google’s algorithmic change and guess what? We got amazing results.

Our team of highly qualified digital marketing professionals worked 24/7 to find the real reasons behind the Google’s algorithmic changes. The hard work done by our team finally proved successful as we found what we were searching for. In this article, I will tell you about the three important reasons for what Google makes regular changes in its algorithm. So read carefully.

  1. Want Good and Quality Information at Any Cost

Google’s entire business is primarily depend upon the information. It is worldwide known as a search engine where any kind of information can be searched. Hence, it focuses on obtaining quality information at any cost. Millions of websites have been indexed in Google’s data base and all of them contain information. Still, Google is hungry about new and fresh information. One of the main reasons behind the algorithmic changes of this search engine giant is its hunger of getting new information. Whenever it feels that quality information is not coming, it makes changes in its algorithm.

  1. Search Quality Matters

Why people prefer Google for searching information related to their work, life or any other thing when hundreds of search engines are available? The answer of this question can be given in only one word i.e. Search Quality. Google always gives the best result as per the search query of the web users. It has millions of websites indexed in its database which helps it to get the best result. Web users never get disappointed from Google when they type any search query in its search box. To maintain its search quality, this prominent search engine regular make changes in its algorithm. Its Panda and Penguin updates were launched to just improve the search quality.

  1. Want to Make SEOs Busy

Well! It is the most important reason behind Google’s algorithmic changes. Search Engine Optimization Services professionals know just one thing i.e. ranking a website high in search engine result pages. They go beyond any limit and never hesitate in applying the unethical techniques to get top ranking. Hence, Google makes changes on regular interval. Its algorithmic changes keep busy the SEOs and force them to change their strategy according to the new update.

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