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Articulated robots are industrial robots that have rotary joints that can range from two – jointed structures to ten or more interactive joints. They are powered by many sources including electric motors. The distinguishing feature of articulated robots is the presence of rotary arms and they can be articulated and non – articulated. These days, industrial robots are synonymous to articulated robots. These are the kinds that are used in factories and manufacturing units these days.
Most of these robots have four to six axes but they can have up to ten axes as well. These robots have more degree of freedom which makes it desirable for the manufacturer since it ensures versatility and appeal. These robots are commonly used for the purposes of welding, material handling, dispensing and material removal. The choice of articulated robots is very simple- it yields multiple uses and has a large work envelope. They help in improving efficiency and productivity through precision and speed which improves the quality of the work. Due to popularity and longevity and differentiation, the prices of the robots are falling and make it easily accessible for the common industrialists.
The report “Articulated Industrial Robots: Global Market 2016-2021”gives a detailed analysis on the global market for articulated industrial robots. The report examines the worldwide market of articulated robotics through a comprehensive review and analysis of reliable information sources. With a review of market environments in the world, this report provides an in-depth and detailed analysis of market structure, the major industrial players/vendors, end-users, geographical landscape, and market forces. In most analysis, historical statistics together with market outlook cover the 2014-2021 period. The report will aid in making important strategic business decisions. The top players in the market are ABB Ltd., Fanuc Corp., Kuka AG, Yaskawa Electric Corp., Adept Technology Inc., Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Nachi Fujikoshi Corp., Kawasaki Robotics, Denso Wave, ST Robotics, Yamaha Robotics, Epson Robotics, and COMAU.
The future of the articulated robots sees many emerging trends that will change the dynamics of the market. The market of used robots is further expanding and standard robot models are now produced at large scale making these robots easily affordable at least in the form of used robots. Given the simplicity in integration further makes it easier for work cell building and the product is more flexible. The more and more use of six – axis robots has led to standardisation and market competition had brought many interchangeable robot series.
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