Get a Mobile Toilet for a Healthy and Easy Life!

Mobile Toilet in US Presidential Program!
Guess, you are attending on the inauguration program of US President! Suddenly, nature calls you! As the program is being held in a wide crowded field! How do you manage it? Yes! Organizers of former US president Barak Obama’s presidential inauguration program considered the situation and set more than 5000 of mobile toilets there! The news covered by world’s top media!
So, you may ask that what the mobile toilet is, what the type is and how to use it etc. On this article, I will discuss the usability of a mobile toilet, types, pre-consideration to buy a mobile toilet and there will be a piece of interesting news on the last part!
What is a Mobile Toilet?
A Mobile Toilet is movable, transferable and portable toilet. Basically, a mobile toilet you need when you are unable to use the conventional toilet. A mobile toilet is also known as portable toilet, porta potty, porta loo, portable potty etc.
When Do You Need a Mobile Toilet?
A Mobile toilet is a tool for situation-based use. Let’s see:
• In travelling or camping, it’s an inconvenience to use a public toilet. And if you like to enjoy primitive camping, there is no toilet for people in such are, in such case, a mobile toilet is a blessing for you. Besides, leaving human waste in nature could attract wild animal what can bring a danger! Besides, human waste near the tent can be the cause of bad odor and it is not healthy!
• In a big show or public program, a mobile toilet is very essential. It’s a part of best hosting what release guests from hassle. For example, in the inauguration program of Barak Obama, former US president, there have a number of mobile toilets been used.
• For a large scale construction site where thousands of workers are involved. In such cases, building mobile toilet is cost-effective and healthy for workers.
• Sometimes, physical disability or injury makes us unable to use the traditional toilet, is such a case we need a mobile toilet.
• In the post-disaster society where providing instant toilet facility is not possible, for example, WHO suggested many of the post-disaster African countries use the mobile toilet. Because using a mobile toilet reduces to the probability of water born contagious diseases.
• Children also need porta potty as using a general toilet is problematic in early childhood. Because children can slip in the toilet and get injured. A mobile toilet can reduce the probability of such danger.
Types of Mobile Toilet
There are various kinds of mobile toilets in the market. You can pick one according to your convenience. Those are Composite mobile Toilet, Chemical Mobile Toilet, Long Drop Mobile toilet, Bucket Mobile Toilet etc.
Composite mobile toilet generally composites human waste in a biodegradable way and chemical mobile toilet uses the chemical to treat human waste. Long Drop chemical toilet is generally used for the long-term construction site. And Bucket toilet basically needs for short time use like travelling and camping.
Brands for Mobile Toilet
There are numbers of brands for mobile toilet. Here are the most famous companies,
• Coleman
• Reliance
• Camco
• Thedford
Things to Know before Buying a Mobil Toilet
Before buying a mobile toilet, you need to consider several things according to your choice, convenience, budget and purpose.
• Portability and size is the first matter to consider. Make sure that your mobile toilet it convenient mobile special when you are going to buy a mobile toilet for camping
• Flushing mechanism and plumbing system is important. For example, chemical toilet designed is such a way it produces very less odor. On the other hand, the bucket toilet produces odor comparatively. And bucket toilet is less expensive also
• Make sure that your mobile toilet is environment-friendly. A composite mobile toilet is environment-friendly. And if your mobile toilet is not environment-friendly, you may face a penalty from law enforcement agency especially in camping.
• And to buy a mobile toilet for the disabled and children, consult with the physician.
Maintenance and Cleaning
A mobile toilet is super easy to clean and maintain. Just keep it flushed after use, use the chemicals to reduce odor. Clear regularly to avoid bacteria and germ. Check spill, rust for sustainable use. Keep toilet tissue and wear gloves to maintain hygienic issue. Eject the waste bowl in the permitted area.
Interesting News on the Mobile Toilet!
A mobile toilet is not only for the health issue but also for security issue you need! On the Singapore Summit 2018 between the US and North Korea, the North Korean President Kim Jong Un brought his personal mobile toilet because he suspected that his stools can be used by the US intelligence to explore his lifestyle!
Finally, a mobile toilet is not an unmixed blessing also. It can’t give you as that home toilet gives you. Sometimes it can produce odor. But in travelling, on a long journey, in van life, in camping; a mobile makes our life easy and healthy!
New Addition in 2019!
As the world is modernizing in course of time, mobile toilet is also updating day by day! In 2019, there are some additions with mobile toilet industry. It’s being more luxurious, more convenience and more climate-friendly. There is also multi-purpose mobile toilet in the market; those can be used in various purposes. So, let’s see!