Searching for a Gastroenterologist? Here is What Should You Know!


Gastroenterology is a  field of medicine that is primarily related to the digestive system or the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. They can treat you for IBS syndrome or hepatitis or any other similar disease.

Diagnose GI Diseases

Even if you have met the best general physicians, you should meet such specialists for the treatment of GI diseases. They perform endoscopic procedures in which they make use of specialized instruments to observe the GI tract and then make a diagnosis. But performing surgery is beyond their scope, although they may well work with a GI surgeon.  Your GI system digests the food and absorbs the nutrients and is also responsible for removing the waste from your body.  These specialists treat this to ensure that it works smoothly which is beyond the scope of top general physicians in Noida.

Common Issues That Are Treated By Them

Stomach ulcers, IBS, Hepatitis C, Polyps Growths, Jaundice, Hemorrhoids, Bloody Stool or Pancreatitis, are some issues that can be handled by these specialists. Then there are certain forms of colon cancer which can also be treated by them.

Some Non-Surgical Procedures Performed By Them

These specialists perform a wide range of non-surgical procedures like endoscopic ultrasounds to diagnose the upper and lower GI tract and the internal organs as well.  They can also perform colonoscopies to identify colon cancer or colon polyps. They can also perform required diagnoses to determine the gallstones, tumors, scar tissue, etc. Are you having pain in the bowel area, the gastroenterologists can also perform the sigmoidoscopies to assess the blood loss. In cases of inflammation and fibrosis, they can perform liver biopsies. Examination of the small intestine with capsule endoscopies and double balloon enteroscopy is also be undertaken by them!

Is It The Time To Meet One?

You have just general physician in Noida, but you may be referred to GI specialist if you have blood in the stool or have challenges swallowing the food. If you are having severe abdominal pain, you should immediately meet a gastroenterologist in Noida.  It is pretty common to get GI complications beyond 50yrs of age, and it is apt to attend a specialist for preventive care. Are above this age, you are at increased risk of colon cancer? It is all the more important if your family has a history of the disease.

What These Specialists Want You to Know?

If you plagued with excess gas or are concerned with the blood in the stool, you don’t have to be embarrassed. You should share any problem that you are facing. Few things that they want you to know:

  • If you are having black, sticky or tarry stool, it indicates that you may have digested blood. It means that you are bleeding in the upper digestive tract. If the stool color is red, it is a sign that you have hemorrhoids in the colon.
  • Excessive farting with bad odor may be a sign that you there are issues with what you eat and drink. Certain foods feed the bacteria present in your stomach which then cause excess gas! It may be time to visit gastroenterology clinics in Noida.

In the End,

These are a few things that you should know while you search for the best GI specialist in the town. Don’t forget to keep in mind his experience, online reviews, etc. before paying a visit!